After a great start with DrupalCamp Delhi in 2015 it was time for Axelerant to be at DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015. It was another great DrupalCamp in terms of learning, contributing & late night partying. Axelerant was the Gold sponsor for the second year in a row, and with our own Ani Gupta being part of the organizing committee for DCM 2015, we felt quite at home.

DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015 – Day 1

Ani, Hussain, Piyush & I were representing Axelerant. Ani was busy with the camp organization, Hussain had been invited as a featured speaker & Piyush was busy with the CXO meet, so I was handling the #WorkFromAnywhere competition at the Axelerant booth.

Axelerant's Work From Anywhere Board - DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015

Axelerant’s Work From Anywhere Board – DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015

The attendees at DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015 were awesome and came up with some really great responses to our question, “If you had the chance to work from anywhere, where would you work from?” A selection from the crazy end were ‘Kepler 22B’, ‘Jupiter’, ‘International Space Station’, ‘Mariana Trench’, ‘Imladris’, ‘Winterfell’, ‘Hogwarts’ and there were many more.

Ani Gupta & Rachit Gupta (not brothers) kicked off DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015 with enthusiasm.

The Keynote at DruplaCamp Mumbai 2015 was delivered by Mike Lamb. He talked about the Internet of Things (#IoT)

Mike mentioned how Big Data & data interpretation are a key to providing better service to customers.

The Keynote also talked about how the Internet of Things is going to be a $7.1 Trillion industry by 2020.

Mike connected the dots by mentioning how Drupal, with Drupal 8 and further versions, will be a huge part of Internet of Things by enabling continuous delivery.

Mike talked about a robust delivery system, Agile & Remote Working, basically all the things we do at Axelerant.

The day was all about sessions and one of the featured speakers at the event was our very own Hussain Abbas. His session “PHP Then, Now & Soon” was well received and appreciated by the attendees.

Hussain shared his presentation link via his twitter handle for all the others to go through.

Later that night all the organizers, sponsors and a few attendees were at the DrupalCamp Mumbai after-party. I’ll let the pictures do the talking! :-D

After Party - DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015

After Party – DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015

Mike Lamb at the After After Party - DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015

Mike Lamb at the After After Party – DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015

DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015 – Day 2

Day 2 at DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015 saw over 150 attendees who attended hackathons, code sprints & release of Drupal College Ambassador Program (DCAP).

The code sprint saw 24 D8 core patches submitted, 5 Module ports (in progress) & 7 Project application reviews.

The DCAP programme was received well at the camp by the students.

Also, an interesting hackathon that got a lot of attention.

To conclude, we were able to engage with majority of the attendees, our team members were featured presenters, we supported the event with a gold sponsorship and we had a lot of fun at DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015.

Axelerant Booth - DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015

Axelerant Booth – DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015

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