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Keeping Curamine updated is part of Your Job

In the recent past, I’ve raked a few top Axelerant team members over the coals about not using and keeping Curamine updated. However, it’s an Axelerant-wide problem. One that we need to correct so that we keep our forward momentum going strong and help each other look good.

Bluntly stated, using and keeping Curamine updated is a responsibility of your job. In fact, you’re getting paid to do it. However, a disturbing percentage of Axelerant is not doing so consistently.

I’m disappointed, and you should be embarrassed

Curamine issues must be updated every time you work on them, including your time. The just worked upon ticket must especially reference links to external decisions and discussions, like Slack. Further, as appropriate, current ticket status needs to be correctly marked as Closed, In Progress, etc. Don’t forget updating % Done too.

Why is updating Curamine so important?

We measure organizational progress through Curamine. As such, despite real actions and discussions completed, if Curamine tickets aren’t created, updated, referenced, and eventually closed; it looks likes that team or vertical isn’t progressing.

Sorry Marketing, you’re a recent case in point. Per Marketing’s Executive Summary Closed, the last published website content was July 17. A month later, this report caused others at Axelerant to grumble and wonder why they’re working hard when it seems others aren’t.

There were several new content pieces, and updated pages at as well as social networking promotions performed. However, because they’re not updated in Curamine, there no reporting on it and when the weekly and monthly reporting comes in, it seems like nothing’s been done within the marketing department.

Project and task management at Axelerant

You might not like it, but Curamine is our project and task manager at Axelerant. It’s the primary way of ensuring the things we need to do are getting done. Further, if others need to help on a ticket, they then have all the information necessary to do so in one spot.

Therefore, if you’re not properly creating or keeping your Curamine tickets updated, you’re not doing your job to it fullest. In fact, you’re hurting your team’s performance, making your department look bad, and causing me to give your director and manager stress.

In case you’re skipping to the end, in Michael speak, promptly update your freaking Curamine tickets to keep your team and yourself looking good.

Need help using Curamine? Read the Curamine Introduction Manual.

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  • totally_guest

    Is manual closed for public?

    • Michael Cannon

      I’ve opened up the Curamine manual to the public. Thank you for letting me know about the access troubles.