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Shweta Sharma

QA Engineer

Shweta is works as an Axelerant QA Engineer. She has been involved in all types of quality assurance and testing activities since August 2007. Her work goal is continuous client and customer satisfaction by delivering high end quality products. She focuses in on details to catch the most difficult and tricky bugs in the product and believes in “learning never stops”.

Shweta lives in Pune with her husband, 4 year old daughter and 1 year old son. She’s been known to escape from work by travelling to new places, dancing, shopping, watching some nice nature related documentaries on Discovery or Nat Geo.

Her brain never gets rusted as there is regular use. She loves everything about the software world, testing right per the kind of work, and getting to know many intelligent people. She’s always impressed by humble and super brainy people.

Her philosophy is don’t take life too seriously, that is always some room for having fun.

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