Nathan Roach

Content Director
Nathan Roach - Axelerant

Nathan is our Content Director. He started his career while still in school, working as an inbound marketing specialist for an agency in NY. Between then and now he’s helped build up dozens of brands with effective digital storytelling and inbound strategies. He’s convinced that “effective online PR is about telling the truth well,” one of the many reasons our work culture here at Axelerant suits him.

His job is to help our future customers find us, to run our promotional campaigns from A to Z, and to strengthen our international brand. Currently, Nathan lives in Japan with his amazing wife Rebecca. He’s an old world wine buff, opera enthusiast, and avid reader. He loves meeting new people in unfamiliar places—two perks that come with being a digital nomad.

He’s studied French, German, Italian and Dutch at length, but his Japanese needs serious work.