Michael Cannon, Chief Operations Officer, Axelerant

Michael Cannon

Chief Operating Officer

He’s here, there, most anywhere. Michael is Axelerant’s Chief Operating Officer. He’s been coding since 1984 and started managing people in 1999. His work focus is talent acquisition, professional development, management mentoring, guiding company culture, and overseeing daily operations.

Michael considers Taiwan home, but can also be found on a farm in Italy or watching sunsets outside of Seattle with his family. He’s an avid cyclist, open source event photographer, serious world traveler, and voracious science fiction reader. A slow year to him is a few thousand kilometers ridden, 10 countries visited, and a 100 books read. Don’t ask about normal years.

He’s with Axelerant because he believes in its purpose to make happiness possible and give success a chance for Axelerant team members. Michael has a secret love affair with bags of all types

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