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Take A Break, Really (AKA Leave Policy)

At Axelerant, we want team members to take breaks and spend quality time with their friends, family, and doing what they love so that they’re in good health and productive. To aid this principal, Axelerant’s leave policy has no official days off, but every team member is provided with 35 days per year of consolidated casual, earned, holiday, and sick leave to use however they desire.

Maternity, Paternity, Bereavement and Sabbatical Leave have their allowances.

Leave Taking Process

Leave requests, balances, and usage history are available through

  • Apply for leave, at least three (3) business days in advance through unless there is an emergency.
  • If you intend to take off more than 3 consecutive working days off, you need to apply at least 4 weeks in advance unless there’s an emergency.
  • Leave approval depends upon organizational discretion.
  • If you have concerns about your leave, notify
  • Adjust delivery schedules for leave as needed.

Three (3) or more failures per above will subject you to the Warnings & Termination section of the Your Career, Your Success policy.

Leave in Excess of Entitlements

When any requested leave type becomes exhausted, Axelerant will usually grant unpaid leave. In case of termination, your final salary will be adjusted for any excess Consolidated Leave taken.


  • No annual carryover of any leave type is allowed.
  • No encashment of any leave type is allowed.
  • Weekends, e.g. Saturday and Sunday, do not count towards any leave type because they are already typical days off.

Leave Types

Consolidated Leave

Consolidated Leave is leave with pay for the purposes of whatever you need it for such as casual, earned, holiday, or sick leave.

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  • All regular, salaried Axelerant team members are eligible for Consolidated Leave immediately of their start date.
  • Consolidated Leave is calculated from January to December at 2.92 days per month.


  • 35 days of Consolidated Leave credit is the maximum allowed.
  • Every January 1st, team members are granted 35 days Consolidated Leave credit.
  • No annual carryover of Consolidated Leave is allowed.
  • Every December 31st, all remaining Consolidated Leave expires.
  • Consolidated Leave can be taken for a minimum half (.5) day to a maximum 35 days.
  • Consolidated Leave is joinable with all other leave types.
  • Consolidated Leave may be shared amongst team members for emergency purposes. Ask #hr to move them around.

Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave is a leave with pay for pregnant females.


  • All females are entitled to maternity benefits as per the provisions of the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 and the prevailing State rules.
  • Maternity leave is a statutory leave.
  • Pregnant females are eligible to use maternity leave.


  • Females are entitled to Maternity Leave of up to 12 weeks that may be sanctioned six (6) weeks before delivery and six (6) weeks after delivery.
  • In case of miscarriage, six weeks leave with average pay from the date of miscarriage.
  • An extra four (4) weeks Maternity Leave is provided upon receipt of a certified medical request.

Paternity Leave

Paternity Leave is a leave with pay for spouses during pre- and post-natal childbirth stages.

  • All males are entitled to Paternity Leave up to 7 working days.

Bereavement Leave

Bereavement Leave is a leave with pay for the death of a relative.

  • You are eligible for up to 7 days leave in the event of a relative’s death.

Sabbatical (Leave of Absence)

A Sabbatical is a leave without pay for the purposes of whatever you need it for.

  • After one year of continuous employment with Axelerant, you are eligible to request up to a twelve-month sabbatical.
  • Please do not abuse a sabbatical with actions that reflect poorly upon Axelerant.


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