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Struggle no longer getting TYPO3v5 Phoenix running on your development server. If you follow these guidelines, within 10-minutes you’ll be playing with Phoenix.

  1. Via phpMyAdmin or command line, create the phoenix database and user
  2. Create a virtual host configuration entry for your web server
    • Be sure to append Web to your normal DocumentRoot and Directory paths like /Users/michael/Sites/phoenix/Web

The Good Stuff, Git’ing Phoenix

# Change to your website root
cd ~/Sites
# Git a clone of the TYPO3v5 Phoenix into a local directory
git clone --recursive git://git.typo3.org/TYPO3v5/Distributions/Base.git phoenix
# Change into the TYPO3v5 working directory and pull the sub modules
cd phoenix
git submodule foreach 'git checkout master; git pull'
# Copy the Settings file
cp Configuration/Settings.yaml.example Configuration/Settings.yaml
# Edit settings for your database
vi Configuration/Settings.yaml

You database settings will need to look a little like this.

        host: 'localhost'    # adjust to your database host
        dbname: 'phoenix'
        user: 'phoenix'
        password: 'phoenix'

Back to the Phoenix install.

# Update the directory to set up local user, web user and web group permissions
sudo ./Packages/Framework/TYPO3.FLOW3/Scripts/setfilepermissions.sh michael www www
# Create the basic TYPO3v5 database tables
./flow3 typo3.flow3:doctrine:create
# Import the Phoenix demo site
./flow3 typo3.typo3:site:import --filename Packages/Sites/TYPO3.PhoenixDemoTypo3Org/Resources/Private/Content/Sites.xml
# Create an administrator
./flow3 typo3:setup:createAdministrator --identifier admin --password password
# In case you change your database settings
./flow3 flow3:cache:flush

Now What?

  • Check out the TYPO3v5 Phoenix website via the virtual host ServerName you created, 
  • Log into TYPO3 as normal,
  • Use the admin user and password your created above to login
  • Enjoy the coolness!

Need Help? Check the References

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I can’t wait to get building sites with it.

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