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Axelerant’s Inside Axelerant series gives you a glimpse of principals, policies, and guidelines within our Open Company.

Axelerant is an Open Company

We’re taking a strong stance to make what we’re doing at Axelerant more transparent, to highlight our culture and innovation. We’ve started through our blogsFAQs, Glassdoor reviews, and this Inside Axelerant series. However, we want to go further and bring what we’re doing to the public, to foster open principals, guidelines, and discussions that help Axelerant push the envelope for many years to come.

While we’re pretty good at hiring passionate, communicative, and giving people these days, we’d still like to ensure that we have a keeper when we hire someone. As we share what we do, there’s hope that those interested in Axelerant get to know if we’re the right organization for them.

We have also seen that being more open and getting conversations started before joining helps not only the new hire, but everyone, now and in the future. Additionally, we strive to encourage others to find things that they can try at their organization to make it and the world a happier place. :)

Without further ado, here’s Inside Axelerant.

Axelerant’s Purpose

Axelerant is a digital technology and solutions partner—sharing the spark of social responsibility globally and fueled by a shared passion for open source. Our commitment to open source communities, development, and innovation enable us to be a world leader in development, staffing, and support.

Axelerant’s EGO

  • Enthusiasm – For surmounting the difficult and owning the solution.
  • Giving – Of our time and expertise, to inspire the communities we love.
  • Openness – With our partners and ourselves, to make sure no stone is unturned in finding collaborative solutions.
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