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For those of you who are upgrading from older TYPO3 3.X and 4.X versions to new and can’t log into the backend anymore, try these following steps to get going again.

  • In your web browser
    • Flush cache
    • Clear cookies
  • Log into TYPO3 Backend or Install Tool if possible
    • Click Logout
  • Log into TYPO3 Backend or Install Tool if possible
    • Clear configuration cache
  • Login should be back to normal
  • If not, TRUNCATE the TYPO3 database tables
    • be_sessions
    • fe_sessions
      • Only if front end users are having the same trouble
  • Definitely should be all clear now
    • If not, then ask your website host to ensure PHP sessions directory permissions are correct

The login problem stems from not logging out of the TYPO3 backend prior to the upgrade and the new encryption algorithm being in place now.

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