Axelerant Interview Guide & Tips

In hopes of making everyone’s life easier when dealing with interviews at Axelerant, here is an interview guide to run through as they might apply to your needs. Be sure to let #HR know if you’d like to change something here.

Interview Preparation

By taking a 10-15 minutes to prepare for the interview, you’ll be more confident in how to lead or participate in it. Don’t overly worry, nervousness is fine.

  • Create a meeting schedule and structure
  • Set and send meeting reminders 1 week, one day, 2 hours, and 30 minutes beforehand
  • Review the Basic Interview Steps
  • Review candidate and guest information
  • Review interview bank questions (private)

Basic Interview Steps

Here’s a basic outline of how an interview should go. You’re welcome to modify for your needs.

  • Welcome candidate and guests
  • Introduce self
  • Interview structure
    • Introductions
    • About Axelerant
    • About the job
    • Questions & Answers
      • Responses should be under 3 minutes to keep the conversation moving forward
    • Closing
  • Let others briefly introduce themselves and their roles
  • Let candidate briefly introduce himself
  • Give a brief description of Axelerant
  • Outline the job duties
  • Ask questions of the candidate
    • Listen to responses and then ask for clarification or move onto another question
  • Thank candidate and guests for attending and that you’ll follow up with them within a few business days

Interviewer Tips

  • Be sure your tone of voice is appropriate and professional
  • Don’t talk too much
  • Pay attention to your and the candidates manners
  • Watch nonverbal signals

After the Interview

After an interview, don’t just forget about it, complete these simple tasks.

Are you the candidate? Score Points with Axelerant!

Do Your Research

Have a detailed understanding of the position description, the team environment, and the organization. Conduct additional research on Axelerant by reading and researching on the internet. Understand the organization’s products and services, size, values, culture and growth potential.

Be on Time

Always dial in before the time of the call.


Set aside an hour in a place where you will be comfortable and can talk confidentially without interruption. If you don’t start the call within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, call the contact or send an e-mail to seek further direction.


Your enthusiasm and animation will be significant in conveying your interest. Make sure that you are alert and ready. Make sure you are smiling while you are talking. Be honest and try to relax.

Remember that the interview is a two-way street. Avoid long rambling responses to questions and try not to monopolize the conversation.


Obtain background information Axelerant. Visit our website and other sources. Prepare several questions about the opportunity and position.

Be able to summarize succinctly your “having” attributes such as education and work experience and, more importantly, you’re “doing” attributes. These are quantifiable things you have done that have added value to your employer.

Things to Avoid

You can close the door as quickly as you open it on a new opportunity. Below are some pitfalls that could exclude you from further consideration by the company contact.

What’s in it for me?

  • Avoid any comments or discussion that allows the company contact to perceive you are primarily concerned with what the opportunity provides for you rather than what you can do for them. Don’t immediately ask about benefits, relocation package, etc. Save that for the personal interview.
  • Avoid the negative. Don’t overtly criticize your current/former employer. Be confident, tactful and professional throughout the entire conversation.
  • Avoid yes or no responses. Expand a little bit on direct questions and sell yourself at every opportunity.

Salary questions

Let Axelerant initiate the discussion on money. There are a time and place for everything, and your first telephone interview might not be the opportune time to have an in-depth salary discussion.


If you are interested in the position, then tell us precisely. Being politely assertive is OK. Ask us what the next step is. After concluding the interview, consider sending Axelerant an e-mail thanking us for our time and expressing your desire to move forward in the candidate process.

Interview Guide References

  • Video Interview call will produce more good result, by this way we can see his attitude and know how he answering for this we can use Skype or other tools.

    • Anil, excellent suggestions and something we’re looking to do again. Michael