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Don’t Spend Axelerant’s Money if You Wouldn’t Spend Yours

^ That’s expense reimbursement 101 at Axelerant.

Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

  • Submit expense reimbursements with supporting documents via Axelerant’s expense claim system
  • Expenses not requested within 30 days of their occurrence may forfeit reimbursement
  • Event and travel related reimbursements require management approval
  • To ensure Axelerant’s positive cash flow, reimbursement payments may take upwards of 45 days after approval

Event & Travel Reimbursement

100% event, travel, and per diem for presenters and required team members at events.

Claim Submission

  1. Log in to Xero
  2. Create an Expenses claim form
    • Description: Details for incurred expense
    • Unit Price: Amount
    • Account: Appropriate expense category like Event, Meals, or Travel
    • Tax Rate: NIL
    • Department: Your squad or vertical group name like Sales, Marketing, Project XYZ, etc.
    • Repeat above steps for additional items
  3. Upload supporting documentation via the right-hand side of the claim form
  4. Click Save to submit the receipt
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