I happened to attend the DrupalCamp London 2015 held between 27th February to 1st March and was honoured to be invited for presenting a session during CXO Day.


The event was a huge success with around 500 attendees and a plethora of engaging sessions and workshops. The venue was quite brilliant from its modern facilities and central location perspective at City University London in Northampton Square. As in previous years, City University hosted DrupalCamp London, its location is quite apt for such a community focused event. Sessions took place in various breakout rooms while the auditorium Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre remained reserved for keynote and other larger gathering sessions.

DrupalCamp London opened on Friday February 25th with CXO Day. While I attended most of the talks at CXO day, I mostly especially liked the sessions by Mark Taylor, CEO of Sirius, Mike Meyers – VP Large  Scale Drupal, and the ever enchanting JAM, Open Source Evangelist, Acquia at his best.
Piyush Poddar, presentation India's consumption to contributions, DrupalCamp 2015

I took the opportunity of presenting a session on Consumption to Contribution – Lessons from India. The presentation was centered around India’s Drupal journey since 2010 and how organisations and individuals have evolved from being code consumers to being active contributors and participants in the Drupal project and the local community at large. I described how some of the biggest Drupal projects are being developed in part or full by Indian developers and companies. The session attracted some very interesting Q&A discussions. I had some very insightful conversations with CXOs, Business Leaders based in the UK and European regions who attended the CXO Day

Another interesting session during the DrupalCamp London 2015 – CXO day was an unconference about things which keeps CXOs up at night. All participants organised themselves into small groups and focused on discussions around topics like Hiring, EU Drupal Association, Project Management, Sales & Marketing, etc. Afterward, one representative of each group present the findings or summary of the discussion to all the participants.

CXO day ended with a reception on the campus followed by people heading towards Slaughtered Lamb for food and wine.

DrupalCamp London Itself

The main days of the DrupalCamp London were on Saturday and Sunday with a variety of knowledge sessions, workshops, exhibit corridor, etc.

On the first day, I was Interviewed by Janis Janovskis, friend and owner of Passive Management, London about the way we have built and been maintaining a distributed work culture at Axelerant. The interview was for an event called No Pants that Janis was going to present at later. His slides 35-37 mention specific takeaways of the interview.

I felt honoured when Jeffrey McGuire approached me for recording an interview with me for his infamous Acquia Podcast as part of multi-series podcast titled Karma and the journey from Consumption to Contribution – Drupal in India.

There were quite a few Interesting talks that I attended during DrupalCamp London that I thoroughly enjoyed such as:

  • Saturday Keynote by Dr Sue Black. Sue is an award-winning computer scientist, radical thinker and passionate social entrepreneur who excels at bringing people together to solve complex issues. #techmums
  • Sunday Keynote by Robert Douglass, Director of Products, CommerceGuys.
  • Mike Bell’s brave talk about his long battle with ME/CFS, culminating in a breakdown and use of the UK’s mental health services.
  • Kubair Shirazi’s  session on Better understanding your prospects, clients, stakeholders and end users

CXO Day small group discussions

Both days of DrupalCamp London ended with event socials at The Slaughtered Lamb on Great Sutton Street. The place was buzzing with energy all this time and some very interesting conversations flowed along with a nice collection of beers.

A Wrap.

Overall it was a great DrupalCamp London 2015! And, well worth round tripping over 10,000 kilometers from India to attend.

My special thanks go to sponsors BBC and City University London. Further applause to volunteers like Ben Wilding, Tim Deeson, George Hazlewood, Alex Burrows, Della Deme, John Kennedy, and all others for having worked so hard and to pull together such a brilliant event.

In having made some good friends, met old ones, and having interesting conversations along with insightful takeaways I am already looking forward to the 2016 DrupalCamp London.

Be sure to comment below and share of your experience at this camp.