During DrupalCamp Bangalore, Parth and I talked about How Remote Working is Changing Our Lives. Today, we’ll further help liberate yourself from a desk chair with six key benefits working remotely.

How This All Came About

Why Work Remotely?

Companies and individuals often benefit from the process of working remotely whether it be on the go or WFH, working from home. Being out of the office is no longer a taboo subject with its many distinct advantages.

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The trend of remote working has been steadily increasing since the late 90s. In fact, there are many companies that promote remote work for their entire organizations. Leading the remote workplace trend are Automattic WordPress, Axelerant, Buffer, Basecamp, Drupal Association, FlexJobs, Lullabot, Mozilla, Upworthy, and Zapier.

In 2014 alone, the 26% increase in remote-based job postings over 2013 demonstrates how the remote work trend continues upward. During the past two years, job seeker interest in remote work has grown by 85%. Moreover, 80% of hiring managers say telecommuting will be more prevalent within the next five years.

Recently, studies by Dell and Intel have found that half of their remote employees felt more productive at home. In fact, remote workers report a 9% increase in productivity.

Communicate Well

Communicate for success, people sitting at meeting table

One of the most critical factors to remote work is communication. Team members have to have Good and Timely communication skills. Companies should spend the time to evaluate the right platform for team-based discussions.

Axelerant uses Slack, and it’s one of the key ways we work and play together in an entirely remote organization.

Don’t get bogged down by picking a communication tool, though. Find something that’s close to what’s needed now and move forward with it. As you learn the limitations, make your next selection better. Also, if you can integrate notifications services with your group based communication tool, you’ll have further reduced email reliance.

Great Power, Great Responsibility

Spiderman quote - With great power comes great responsibility

Being a remote team with a non-traditional work schedule means that everyone has to conform to a high level of personal accountability. As such, hiring for cultural fit and enabling self-direction is a necessity.

As Uncle Ben said to our beloved Spiderman, With great power comes great responsibility.

As a team lead, you’ll have to enable your distributed team members to make decisions and carry them through on their own. Your role is to support them to do what’s needed and in turn help them become accountable for their decisions. This empowerment creates competent, reliable teams.

Collaborate or Wither Away

me US you joined circles, convergence

Collaboration is about identifying how to work with each other productively, rather than working on something using the right tools. While initially hard, remote collaboration will become fun and engaging when done right. There’s a plethora of online tools that make it easier than ever to work seamlessly together.

Most importantly, everyone on the team has to contribute and collaborate through the selected tools. The hard truth is, if your super duper ninja, rockstar coder isn’t collaborating with others, then they’re holding your team back.

Demonstrate Appreciation

Multiple Employee Appreciation Day card sayings

Everyone like to be appreciated. It’s especially important with remote teams because you are virtually interacting with each other. By being more chatty with each other, you’ll feel more valued by your peers.

In turn, openly giving kudos to each other for even the smallest of gestures becomes meaningful. Your teammates show that they care and are paying attention. Most conventional workplaces lack this significant interaction. Instead, you’re taken for granted.

Work While You Travel

By being with a remote work company, you’re free to travel. Quite a few of Axelerant’s team members work while they travel or live in other countries.

  • Abhi takes his kids to school in Atlanta.
  • Achin and kids hit Sydney beaches on the weekends.
  • Michael travels through 10 countries a year.
  • Parth feasts upon home cooked meals in the Indian countryside.
  • Shani walks her kids to school, in Israel.

The freedom to work from anywhere goes beyond working from home. You can work from where you’re most comfortable and be supportive of your family and friends along the way. Even when they’re not able to work as flexibly as yourself.

Wrapping Up

Just like in-person office cultures, remote team office cultures can differ wildly. For those of you who work remotely, we would love to hear about your workplace and culture experiences by leaving us a comment below.

In case you think Axelerant is the right fit for you, check out the Axelerant job board.

  • Thank you Nitika for sharing your findings of why working remotely is beneficial for ourselves and other organizations. I’m curious to see how others will contribute here.

    Personally, I love being able to spend quality time with my family and not be burdened by an arbitrary schedule.

  • Nitika your post has brought every emotion and experience of mine on the paper….Bang on!

    This is my first ever experience of working remotely in past 18 years and it is much beyond my words can contain.

    Towards the end of the day I am left with a satisfaction of contributing more, being more accountable, more connected (than ever being sitting in an office cabin), being heard, being more open and fearless to contribute.

    On personal front, now I cook n eat fresh food, I eat on time (no more rush rush eating), I drink more water (essential for my survival), I go for swim regularly, home-to-office-to-home travel time is saved (staying in Delhi this time saved is almost 3-4 hours), this extra time has given me courage to take up my old passion-learning guitar & sketching.

    And yes now I can read two books/week vis-à-vis one book/week earlier.

    I get more time now to reflect and improve!

    Am I happy?
    You know the answer….
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    • Thank you Mridula for sharing as you have. I’m already hearing many good things about your become an active part of Axelerant. We’re glad you’re here. Michael

  • So many great reasons to work remotely. Travel is one of our top reasons for loving this lifestyle but health (mental and physical) is high up on the list too.