In the last ten years, technology has seen a very steep rise in demand and usage. This increase isn’t only in terms of advancements but, innovation too. Here’re 5 Tech Trends that influence today’s businesses most.


People offer ideas, ideas are implemented, and Analytics is how you figure out if they worked or not.

Previously Business Analytics was all about sales revenue, but now it is much more than that. Analytic companies track interactions, likability factors, time spent on a website, from a landing page to why did you land there, and conversions from visitors to customers.

You can’t determine your success if you can’t measure it.

Analytics will tell you what factors of your site or business strategy are having an effect on your sales, interaction, product reviews, and revenue. These are the reasons that every company needs to have analytics performed.

The ability to provide appropriate data that can distinguish businesses from their rivals is why everyone is resorting to analytics especially on social networks. As an example, Facebook offers Insights for your Facebook pages to understand better engagement.


mobile phones on table top

Concentrate on the meeting, not your phone

Mobiles Computing became common in India only after 2000 with the launch of the iconic Nokia 3310. This commencement is despite mobile phones coming to India in late 1995. Mobile computing is not just about using the mobiles phones, for work it includes those like laptops, PDAs, Tablets.

With their commonness, businesses are making use of all the possible mobile computing devices they can to allow their workforces to work from anywhere, while on the move. Thus, they become more productive, all the time.

This connectivity helps employees to coordinate, collaborate, and act on decisions, especially significant and urgent concerns, at the earliest moment. Not only in India but globally.


While relatively newer compared to Mobile Computing, Social Media has presented itself as an enormous platform for marketing, brand awareness, customer support, and connecting with your audience and consumer. Social Media is adaptable for all scales, sizes, and types of businesses.

Catspit Productions is a perfect example of how a local garage-based business uses social media to attract customers while helping other small businesses with t-shirt screen printing.

Similarly, other big companies are using Twitter as a medium to solve customer complaints or to receive feedback.


Clouds over Goa

Clouds over Goa

“The network is the computer,” as famously quoted by John Gage of Sun Microsystems in 1984, incepts the cloud computing dream. Large or small, cloud computing services save money for all types of technology dependent businesses.

You’ll ask ‘Big I can understand, but how will it save money for small companies?’. Here’s how, startups companies are looking to cut expensive corners wherever they can. The original software packages are costly, management software for big enterprises and server setups are expensive. These areas are where small businesses get hit very hard money-wise.

Companies providing Software as a Service, SaaS, and Platform as a Service, PaaS, are helping bring organization initial investment costs down by a considerable amount by renting out virtual resources.

Cloud Computing is not just a trend, this has now started to become a necessity for those who see its potential to scale and always deliver, anytime, anywhere.


Like every single technology listed above, Open Source in a larger perspective helps save money to a business. However, this isn’t because it’s free. In fact, not all Open Source technology is free, but it’s cheaper than proprietary.

Open Source is competitive because many people have contributed to making the software and related technologies better with more features and fewer bugs. While Open Source software has been competing with closed and proprietary software for a long time, it’s proving to be up to the challenge while remaining more affordable.

This cost saving has encouraged government initiatives to opt for open source software over proprietary. More so, socially responsible organizations rely upon open source for the maximal reach of their resources.

Do These Trends Really Matter for All? No.

Truthfully, some businesses can exist without online technology. However, they’re very niche like Jaswinder Ka Dhaba, which serves awesome non-veg in Surat, Gujarat. There’s no link because it has no presence on social media, no website, no email, nor a Google map location.

Therefore, while there’s no need to implement all of these tech trends in your business, you should determine which can positively you the most now.

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