Axelerant’s distributed workforce uses some cool new ways and tools to work together across varying time zones and locations. If you haven’t noticed already, we are huge fans of browser-based tools that help us work smart. You might have already read what we have said about some of them on our blog, and it’s always a thrill to come across another shiny new piece of technology that helps you work better.

Here is a list of our favourite online tools for remote workers, which we would recommend to all remote workers and mobile teams. We use them daily, and they have made life a lot easier for us. Hope you enjoy using them as much as we do!

17 tools for remote workers that Axelerant uses every day

  1. Slack

    Slack - Top Tools for Remote Workers

    Slack – Top Tools for Remote Workers

    Easiest way to communicate across team members

    Being a distributed team, it is important to communicate as much as possible and for us, we use slack. We use this more than email and surprisingly, Slack has done wonders for us. See how we’ve been using slack here. It definitely deserves to be No. 1 amongst the list of tools for remote workers.

  2. Google Drive

    Google Drive is the most convenient way to store large amounts of data like photos, videos, folders for verticals, events, etc and everything is shared with all team members. Files can be accessed anywhere through secure cloud storage and there’s file backup for everyone at Axelerant. It also provides the flexibility of copying/moving/sharing your documents, presentations and spreadsheets anywhere within the Drive.

  3. Google Docs

    Axelerant keeps a track of all official documents like job offer letters, timely processes for verticals, guides & policies, job descriptions, how-to documents etc. as Google Docs. We even have ready-to-use starter templates for documents, presentations, questionnaires etc., that we can share in a jiffy.

  4. Google Spreadsheets

    Google spreadsheets do a lot more than just storing information. We use them innovatively to track editorial processes, content calendars, and more.

  5. Google Calendars

    Google Calendar - Top Tools for Remote Workers

    Google Calendar – Top Tools for Remote Workers

    Google Calendar is the one tool that keep us organized and lets us have visibility of company level tasks. We also use it to notify/remind team members of their interviews, meetings, other team member’s leaves, personal/official events. We use multiple Google Calendars to stay organized on many different tasks, projects, meetings, and goals that we’ve got going at any one time.

  6. The Resumator

    Resumator - Top Tools for Remote Workers

    Resumator – Top Tools for Remote Workers

    It is an application tracking tool (ATS) for Axelerant. Resumator Performance Recruiting Software keeps your recruiting teams focused on sourcing, interviewing and hiring transformative talent along with posting our jobs live at various free job portals.

  7. Google Forms

    Google forms helps plan events, create a survey or poll, or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way. From planning for an office retreat to asking for suggestions regarding any policy change to engagement surveys, we do it all via Google forms at Axelerant.

  8. Eagle Conferencing

    Eagle Conferencing offers easy-to-use conferencing facilities, for HR and Hiring Leads to conduct interviews, as well as for various vertical teams to conduct daily meetings, stand-ups etc. It also acts as as back-up when the Internet starts acting up for any of the team members. ;)

  9. Tribe HR

    TribeHR - Top Tools for Remote Workers

    TribeHR – Top Tools for Remote Workers

    TribeHR is a new breed of HRIS. It combines the best of HR information management features that our team members love. From sharing love for a job well done in the form of Kudos, to managing team members’ professional profile databases and applying for/granting leaves, everything is done via TribeHR.

  10. Curamine

    Curamine - Top Tools for Remote Workers

    Curamine – Top Tools for Remote Workers

    Curamine is Redmine tailored to suit Axelerant’s vertical and client portfolio operational needs. It is a collection of core and contributed plugins which are customized and patched for our organizational process baselines. We use it internally for task allocation, time tracking and other project and programme management, supporting agile and maintenance delivery models.

  11. Buffer

    Our marketing team uses Buffer to collaborate and queue posts for our various social media channels. This helps us eliminate redundancy and save time. It also a one-stop solution for analytics for all our social media channels.

  12. TripIt

    Since we’re remote and we travel a lot teammates organize their travel plans into an itinerary that has all the trip details in one place. We can access our team members itinerary anytime, through the Tripit app.

  13. Google Hangouts

    Google Hangout - Top Tools for Remote Workers

    Google Hangout – Top Tools for Remote Workers

    An instant messaging and video chat platform. Honestly, if it weren’t for Hangouts, it might be difficult for Axelerant to perform their daily standups, meetings, team huddles etc..

  14. YouCanBookMe

    You Can Book Me - Top Tools for Remote Workers

    You Can Book Me – Top Tools for Remote Workers is booking software that integrates with your Google Calendar. It works wonders for the HR team and Hiring leads. Furthermore, it allows them to have the the liberty to choose their own set of day and time to conduct interviews.

  15. World Time Buddy

    time converter and world clock

    Much like the Every Time Zone website, World Time Buddy helps us stay on top of what time it is wherever our teammates happen to be. With World Time Buddy, you can type in specific places and time zones to get the exact times for those who may not be in the major cities.

  16. Canva

    Canva -  Top Tools for Remote Workers

    Canva – Top Tools for Remote Workers

    A simple new way to design.

    A tool that makes design simple for everyone. Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so on. It is a free design tool aimed at beginners and professionals alike.

  17. Freeletics

    High Intensity Workouts & Training Plans

    Axelerant encourages team members to keep fit. Hence, there are some team members who are active member of Freeletics. Medhamsh provides his first hand experience about using Freeletics.

    “It was when I was in literal bad shape, oversized, had lost all confidence and had locked myself in the four walls. Feeletics came to my rescue. With a healthy eating pattern and workouts I could lose 14 kgs in three months and that made me healthy, active and confident. Thanks to the community at freeletics”

Do you already use some of the online tools we have mentioned? What are your experiences with them? Do you have tips and tricks to share, to get the most out of them? We’d love to hear your insights. You can drop us a comment below, or hit us up on our Contact Us page.

  • Thank you for sharing this Nitika. I feel it’s great for us to share how we work at Axelerant openly. This way we can discuss what might be found to work better or keep us consistent.

    At first 17 tools seemed like overkill, but really, it’s that much, I do touch all of them. I realized we miss at least two more tools.

    * for our WordPress free and premium plugin work
    * for our Axelerant help desk via Nodedesk

  • John

    Great post, Nitika! Thanks for sharing these tools. :)

    I personally use Buffer and all Google products especially Google Drive and Google Hangouts.
    However just a few things I could suggest though, I think you missed to include a software for time tracking. The top ones in the market today are Time Doctor, Toggl, RescueTime, Replicon etc.

    I work from home and I used Time Doctor – actually their PRO version is really awesome to use!

  • Mia

    Nitika, Thanks for sharing great tools I would recommend you to check out proofhub which we use for collaborating with remote teams.