We recently conducted a survey at Axelerant to find out from our team members what they liked about working at Axelerant and why they would recommend it to others.

One of the top reasons that team members love to work with Axelerant is that we’re a fully distributed workforce. Every team member has the freedom of being location-independent – to decide where in the world they want to work from, and when. That’s not all though. We discovered many amazing insights that are intrinsic to Axelerant’s culture, some of which are not so obvious at first glance.

Here’s 13 out of over 50 team member supplied reasons why a great culture exists within Axelerant’s distributed workforce.

1. Axelerant Offers the Right Work-Life Balance

Right work-life balance when you work with Axelerant

Right work-life balance when you work with Axelerant

Most Axelerant team members feel that working hours are flexible and not hard coded to the minute. Due consideration is given to over-pressure and task prioritisation, a marked reluctance towards micro-management, and incubation of self-management AKA self-direction best practices.

Axelerant maintains quality of life and a positive working culture that’s supported by good management. This translates into team members getting to do the things that they are passionate about – be it hobbies like music, traveling or adventure, or just having time to spend with family and friends.

2. Management is Approachable and Helpful

Management is Approachable and Helpful when you work with Axelerant

Management is Approachable and Helpful when you work with Axelerant

Managers, squad leaders, and colleagues are readily available to support teams even when they are on leave. Team members are taken care of and are valued. A great culture sees people coming alongside their peers to encourage or occasionally to correct and redirect. There is a passion to lend a helping hand before advising why someone landed in trouble.

Communication is open and honest – people don’t fret if they say something in front of the wrong person. There are no hushed conversations for fear of what will happen if they are overheard. Team members at Axelerant can walk into the boss’s office or Slack channel with a concern and walk out knowing that they were heard.

3. Communication is Strong

Communication flows freely at Axelerant. We use software platforms like Slack and e-mail to make sure that people communicate from the top to the bottom and laterally. This ensures that Axelerant team members are never surprised with information that they didn’t hear until it is announced at a event or comes out as an announcement. It is communicated well in advance, with leaders even asking team members to help find solutions.

Axelerant leadership is approachable: Anyone, anytime, anything.

4. Community Contribution is Encouraged When You Work With Axelerant

Community Contribution is Encouraged when you work with Axelerant

Community Contribution is Encouraged when you work with Axelerant

Axelerant helps team members to work with the top Drupal and other community developers. We contribute to the growth of the Drupal community by sponsoring events and participating actively in them. There is great support for working on open source and community initiatives.

5. Your Work Matters

Axelerant works hard at being one of the places where work is fun. Team members feel that this is one of those few organizations that encourage one to do what they want to do most and management gets out of their way so that team members can do their best.

Team members feel that they really matter. They are not just people completing tasks; but contributing to the culture, systems, language, and structure of the place. Even in tough times with salary freezes or benefit changes, the vibe is still, “You matter!”

6. Entrepreneurial Spirit

Everyone at Axelerant is a rock star in their own right and care about 2 things – Technology and Colleagues. Leaders are not insecure about others succeeding past them. In fact, they encourage it. Squad leaders and management leave no stone unturned in order to make sure you have everything you need, to succeed at your job.

7. Working Remotely

Work Remotely when you work with Axelerant

Work Remotely when you work with Axelerant

From one team member’s personal experience, it was a challenge during the initial period to survive because of never having worked remotely. Teammates however, were so cooperative and motivating that it soon became a way of life. Constant collaboration and communication is the key factor to success in working remotely.

Remote working brings boons across the board – some feel that it saves them from the banalities of commuting, noise, travel, swiping of access cards, flashing id cards etc., while for some it is just the simplicity of not having to buy new clothes! ;)

8. Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing is common when you work with Axelerant

Knowledge Sharing is common when you work with Axelerant

Axelerant team members have mastered the art of coordination, be it at the local work-share or a remote location. We use tools like Slack, Google Hangouts, and e-mail for real-time and deferred conversations.

Everyone feels responsible and reacts to things happening around them, irrespective of their department. Several factors have contributed to this lifestyle, the ability to personalise the organisation, caring leadership, demonstrated transparency and openness, and no hesitation towards changing or questioning the de-facto.

9. Create and Be Part of Limitless Opportunities

Create and Be Part of Limitless Opportunities when you work with Axelerant

Create and Be Part of Limitless Opportunities when you work with Axelerant

Axelerant provides professional development and encourages and sponsors event participation like DrupalCon Austin, DrupalCon Amsterdam, DrupalCamp Atlanta, FOSSASIA, and many more.

We will always be doing something new tomorrow, than what we just set out for today.

10. Open Appreciation

You’ll feel valued as peers openly give kudos to each other even for the smallest of gestures, something that matters the most. Walk the hallways or glimpse the video board and you will see people smiling, enjoying conversations, and having a good time in the midst of high productivity and intense focus.

11. It is Not Just a Job, There’s Friends Galore

It is Not Just a Job, There’s Friends Galore when you work with Axelerant

It is Not Just a Job, There’s Friends Galore when you work with Axelerant

We get together because we want to. This does not mean that people at Axelerant don’t have other friends, but that they really enjoy the company of the people they work with.

Even remotely, Axelerant team members celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and potluck lunches together. Once a year, we all get together for an all hands retreat. In 2014 it was in Rishikesh and in 2015, Goa. We’re thinking mountains again for 2016. Are you up for an adventure?

On special occasions you might get chocolates, flowers, and other gifts sent to you or you might indulge in goofy stuff like #PickOnParth. To top it all off, you get to work with friends having common interests and support a challenging vision within a supportive environment of a servant-style leadership base.

12. Quality of Work

At Axelerant, we ensure that quality of work and technical workflow process are superb. As per one team member, “we do the real Drupal!” Human resource policies are framed to benefit team members, the vision and mission behind the organisation is great, and personal and professional development including induction, tutorials subscriptions and certifications is encouraged or provided.

13. Working with a Great Team

You're working with a great team when you work with Axelerant

You’re working with a great team when you work with Axelerant

Working at Axelerant affords you the opportunity to be part of a great team and gives you the ability to make an impact by being part of a company that creates value and makes a difference everywhere.

There is nothing better than working at an organisation with a great culture. You wake up every day eager and looking forward to getting back on the mission, with the people you enjoy being around.

If you aren’t working in an environment with such a healthy culture – you have the power to change things, one day at a time! Building a healthy culture starts with a few determined people. Get with others who have the same desire, and take that first step! Join Axelerant.

We would love to hear about your own workplace culture experiences. How has your current workplace made a positive difference to your life? Drop us a comment below or Contact Us with ideas that could make the workplace an even better place. We’d love to hear from you.