By Suchi Garg.

Woman – Whats the first image that comes to your mind when you read this word? Image of your mom? or your sister? or maybe your partner?

As you start thinking about this.. those images start to broaden – and start including many more females that might have crossed your path at any point in your life. When I think about this – none of those images in negative in any sense for me.

But there are some “men”, whose visualization of women is entirely different. When they see a woman – they see just “an object” An object that can be used, abused, misused and finally reduced (to being invisible for the society). But how does this mentality actually develop? Is this something inherent in a person? Or does this develop while being influenced with every-day happenings in the society. What happenings – you might say.

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Well – let me give you some examples:

  • A brother and a sister are fighting, over a ball and their granny comes up to settle the fight. Her reproach to the girl – “Tu to ladki hai, tujhe ball se kya karna hai” (You are a girl, what do you have to do with a ball). WHY? A comment like this has some serious effect on the girl as well as on the boy.
  • Parents come home after a long journey – and ask the girl child to bring water for them. WHY not the boy?
  • A group of boys sitting in a pub – enjoying themselves – and a beautiful girl crosses them – invariably one of them will pass some judgmental comment on the girl. The comment might be said in such a way that the girl does not hear it (maybe she does), but none of the boys in the group reproaches the person commenting – WHY? If she is enjoying in the pub, it is her bad character, but if you are in the same pub – thats ok – WHY?
  • The same girl – who has heard the comment – goes to her friends/ parents/ law enforcement agencies and tell them about the incident. The reply she gets – ignore it – this just happens. WHY should she ignore it? Should she wait till incidents like this become bigger before she complaints? Wont it be too late by then?
  • A family looking for a “Suitable Bride” for their son who works in an MNC. The ad would say – slim, fair, simple girl needed. Will they be willing to look at a girl who goes to late night parties with her friends? No – WHY? even though their son is at home on nights just once a week.
  • Same family – in need of a working “bahu” for their son – BUT want a handsome dowry as well. WHY?
  • A working wife in a supposedly “modern family”, what are her responsibilities? Not only is she supposed to contribute to the financial kitty of but the family, the household responsibilities are also hers alone. If the husband (by any chance) helps with some of the household chores – he is helping out the wife – WHY? Isn’t that his work as well?

These are some of the “milder” situations that I have mentioned here – BUT all of them have deep effect on an impressionable mind.

But in the same scenarios, if there had been someone to put out the question WHY – I think the impressions would have been very different.

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