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These days, we’re focusing on products and services like the following.

  • Curamine – An all-in-one SaaS option for customized Redmine, a web-based project management and bug-tracking tool for small to mid-sized companies.
  • Drupal Development – Build complete drupal websites starting from concept design, prototyping to complete technical delivery.
  • NodeDesk – A 24/7 application helpdesk and technical support services for all technical issues customers may encounter.
  • NodeMigrate – A cost-effective, hassle-free migration of legacy Drupal and non-Drupal websites to Drupal 8 without compromising on quality and security of digital assets.
  • Projspace – A provisioning and release management tool, it facilitates a process of staging apps to test servers and releasing to production.
  • WordPress plugins – Over a dozen free and premium plugins in use by 10s of thousands.

In the past, we’ve been project based for brochureware to large-scale websites. See our portfolio.

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