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Version 1.3.2 of extension cbstarter: Acqal Site Starter is now available. This new version offers over a dozen changes and also reflects new TCA adjustments for easier workspace user and mount management.

The extension cbstarter is a great way to quickly and easily adjust TYPO3 default settings to something more friendly for enterprise- and large-scale websites.

The adjustments are handled by making changes through TypoScript Constants and Setup, Page and User TSConfig, ext_tables.php and localconf.php files. These new defaults can be further customized through typical TYPO3 TSconfig and TypoScript configuration methods and options.

Change Highlights

  • Acqal branding
  • add headerComment and disablePrefixComment
  • add translate and disable prepends
  • append unzip
  • correct comments and default header comment
  • correct plugin to config
  • edit record just by clicking on title in list-view
  • increase workspace relations limits
  • remove BE check
  • spacing; removeFromList() use
  • sys_template and static_template adminOnly disable
  • update CHANGELOG
  • update description
  • update manual

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