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If you’re going to make a change, you have to make sure it’s the right one. At Axelerant, every career placement starts with a trial hire. We’ve found trial hires to be an excellent way to determine whether or not we’re a match for each other.

Our trial hire period lasts 30 days for production and 90 days for operations team members. During this period, local and remote team members get to know Axelerant’s culture, the work pace, and our uniqueness. Likewise, we get to know new hires better.

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Axelerant Trial Hire Basics:

  • Trial Hire is 30 to 90 days
  • Group leader with HR assistance will explain Key Performance Indicator (KPI) expectations
  • Frequent one-to-one chats with team leader and Career Development Coach about progress, concerns, and suggestions
  • HR will provide onboarding materials and other helpful media
  • New hire buddy provision; someone who has advanced in the same scope of work at Axelerant
  • One week before the trial hire ends, new hire 360-review for fit and job continuation

The trial hire program is openly talked about during the interview process, and we encourage questions and feedback. Every applicant knows what to expect from the beginning. All of our policies are transparent, and we adhere to them before a candidate joins us. We’ve learned through a variety of hard lessons that the 30 to 90 day trial periods make the most sense. With positive feedback and positive metrics, we can ensure you’re right for us, and we’re good for you.

Successful Trial Hire Requirements:

  • Completed induction program and new hire paperwork
  • Majority fulfillment of role and responsibilities
  • Reasonable attempts to meet KPI baselines
  • 67% vote of confidence trial hire peer feedback

What’s Next?

Consider an Axelerant career with these details in mind. Our team members need to be disciplined and well suited, with KPI’s to show for their efforts. Our clients expect nothing less from us.

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