• Help others
  • Apply tech usefully
  • Advocate
  • Write
  • Learn
  • Listen
  • Communicate
  • Hope
  • Acheivement
  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Natural
  • Exercise
  • Field work
  • Hands on
  • Troubleshoot
  • Solve
  • Care
  • Love
  • Smile
  • Bike


  • Paul

    Good way to keep the journey in focus.

    We have been guided by a simple, pragmatic, priority list that has served us well for years:

    1 health
    2 relationship
    3 money

    It’s not meant to set goals, but rather sets a framework. It helps to come back to this (as we have done) in times of conflict or major decision points. Not everyone has the same choices, and indeed Amy would like to see “food” high on this list :) But she finally agreed that these are good high-level choices.

    • Excellent high level priorities. They’re very similar to what I run with of the famous line; life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

      Money helps but isn’t the end goal.

    • Peter Stewart

      That third one gets in the way a lot. It also gets in the way more when you add two kids, and subtract one person’s income.

      Nevertheless, those are certainly in the right order.

      • How’s the focus and priorities these days?

        The missus and I are discussing that we’d like to buy another home within a couple of years. With that, saving more money is becoming important and so some of our happier to do things like travel Europe for a month or two having to be pushed aside. Still, in the long run having a “home base” is quite a good feeling.

  • Paul

    Funny, I just used this “priority guide” to delay my first trip to Shanghai because I am sick. Spent a week in Michigan onboarding at the new company, and wore myself out. Amy will join me after 2 weeks to have a look around. The adventure has begun!