The Geek Voice – Ep. 0 – Why Jam does what he does


The Geek Voice – Episode 0

This is the geek voice, bringing you all the geeky & open source stuff from around the world on a monthly basis (for now). Hussain & I will be talking a lot about open source, Drupal, & Invite some interesting personalities from the open source world.

News – Drupal

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Community Spotlight

News – Open Source At Large

Download our Ebook: Learn to select your best Drupal Partner

Interview with Jeffery A ‘Jam’ McGuire ( Full video interview & Acquia podcast here )

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Hussain – @hussainweb
Parth – @parth_gohil

Please leave a comment with your thoughts / suggestions / complaints / rants / tips to improve / wishlist of topics / guests you want to hear from / anything for that matter, we’d like to hear it all :). Consider following us on @thegeekvoice, @axelerant & our RSS feed. If you sign up to our newsletter you’ll also get this awesome monthly podcast delivered straight to your inbox (don’t worry we don’t spam [at least not yet :D])

Poster - The Geek Voice - Episode 0

Poster – The Geek Voice – Episode 0 – Parth, Jeffrey & Hussain

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  • Sumit Madan

    That was awesome. I enjoyed it like listening a (Drupal) radio. Thanks Parth and Hussain for starting this Axelerant FM. :)

    • Parth Gohil

      We’re glad you enjoyed the podcast Sumit, and thank you so much for listening through the freaking 1 hour podcast!
      Do let us know if you’d like us to change and do differently :)