The Geek Voice – EP. 2 – Meet Piyuesh, Technical Architect at QED42


This is The Geek Voice, bringing you all the geeky and open source stuff from around the world on a monthly basis (for now). Hussain and I will be talking a lot about open source, Drupal, and inviting on some interesting personalities from the world of Open Source. In Ep. 2 we talk to Piyuesh Kumar from QED42 about his crowdfunding campaign, mentorship in India, and more. We also discuss DrupalCon NOLA, Acquia’s Bolt (now BLT), and DrupalCon Dublin.

Interview with Piyuesh Kumar (@piyuesh23?),
Technical Architect @ QED42:

Piyuesh Kumar, the only member of the Indian Drupal Ecosystem to be crowd funded to go to DrupalCon LA, is now the leading Technical Architect at QED42. A key contributor to the Drupal Project, he spearheaded the code sprint culture in Pune’s community of over 300 Drupalers. Listen in as we figure out what he’s up to as The Geek Voice explores Piyuesh’s story and his mentorship role within our growing community.

We asked him questions like:

  • So why did you choose Drupal?
  • Why does Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) produce so many Drupalers?
  • What was your favorite part of DrupalCon NOLA?
  • We remember the crowdfunding campaign to send you to DrupalCon LA. Tell us more.
  • Tell us about Pune’s community and code sprint culture that started in 2014?
    • Can you pick a favourite moment from one of the sprints you mentored?
  • What are the regular issues you see new contributors face during your mentoring?
  • What drives you to do everything that you do?
  • Are you mentoring at Dublin?

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