Testimonials Widget plugin allows you to display rotating content, portfolio, quotes, showcase, or other text with images on your WordPress blog.

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Contributors: comprock

Donate link: https://axelerant.com/testimonials-widget-premium/

Tags: ajax, client, customer, quotations, quote, quotes, random, content, random, quote, recommendation, reference, testimonial, testimonials, testimony, widget, wpml

Requires at least: 3.4

Tested up to: 3.5.0

Stable tag: 2.4.7

License: GPLv2 or later (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html)


Testimonials Widget plugin allows you to display rotating content, portfolio, quotes, showcase, testimonials, or other text with images on your WordPress blog. You can insert Testimonials Widget content via shortcode, theme functions, or widgets with category and tag selections and having multiple display options to include random or specific ordering.

More than one Testimonials Widget section can be displayed at a time. Each Testimonials Widget separately pulls from the testimonials-widget custom post type. Additionally, with shortcodes and theme functions, you can display a short or long list or rotation of testimonials. Also, each Testimonal Widget has its own CSS identifier for custom styling.

Widgets display content sans wpautop formatting. This means no forced paragraph breaks unless the content specifically contains them.

Through categories and tagging, you can create organizational structures based upon products, projects and services via categories and then apply tagging for further classificaton. As an example, you might create a Portfolio category and then use tags to identify web, magazine, media, public, enterprise niches. You can then configure the Testimonial Widget to show only Portfolio testimonials with the public and enterprise tags. In another Testimonial Widget, you also select only Portfolio testimonials, but then allow web and media tags.

Single testimonial view supports image, source, title, email, company and URL details.


  • Admin interface to add, edit and manage testimonials
  • Auto-migration from old custom table to new custom post type
    • Company, URL and email details are attempted to be identified and placed properly
    • Public testimonials are saved as Published. Non-public, are marked as Private.
    • Ignores already imported
  • Compatible with WordPress multi-site
  • Custom CSS in footer for HTML validation
  • Custom text or HTML for bottom of widgets
  • Customizeable testimonial data field testimonial_extra
  • Display testimonials directly in template via theme function
  • Editors and admins can edit testimonial publisher
  • Fields for source, title, testimonial, email, company and URL
  • Filters
    • testimonials_widget_cache_get – Caching grabber
    • testimonials_widget_cache_set – Caching setter
    • testimonials_widget_content_more – More content ellipsis
    • testimonials_widget_content – Testimonial content parser helper
    • testimonials_widget_data – Process testimonials data before display processing
    • testimonials_widget_defaults – Create a global or central Testimonials Widget configuration
    • testimonials_widget_defaults_single – Create a global or central Testimonials Widget configuration for single view
    • testimonials_widget_gravatar_size – Change the Gravatar size
    • testimonials_widget_image_size – Change the image size
    • testimonials_widget_next_posts_link – Configure Next page indicator
    • testimonials_widget_options_form – Customize widget form
    • testimonials_widget_options_update – Widget update helper
    • testimonials_widget_previous_posts_link_text – Configure Previous page indicator
    • testimonials_widget_wp_pagenavi – Configure WP-PageNavi specifically for Testimonial Widgets
  • Image, Gravatar, category and tag enabled
  • Localizable – see languages/testimonials-widget.pot
  • Multiple widget capable
  • Multisite compatible
  • Rotation JavaScript in footer than body
  • Shortcodes
    • Listings with paging [[[testimonialswidget_list]
    • Rotating [[[testimonialswidget_widget]
  • Single testimonial view includes image, source, title, email, company and URL details
  • Supports WP-PageNavi
  • Testimonial supports HTML
  • Testimonial, email, and URL fields are clickable
    • The URL requires a protocol like http:// or https://
  • Testimonials Widget widget displays static and rotating testimonials
  • URLs can be opened in new windows
  • WordPress Multilingual enabled WPML

Testimonials Widget Premium Plugin Features

Purchase Testimonials Widget Premium plugin for WordPress. In using it, You’ll not be sorry.

[purchase_link id=”14714″ style=”button” color=”yellow” text=”Purchase Testimonials Widget Premium”]
  • Caching of testimonials queries and content to decrease server load time improve page loading speed by 1/10 to 1/2 a second
  • Filters for caching control, text replacement and more
  • Read more links on testimonials exceeding the character limit
  • Shortcode
    • [[[testimonialswidgetpremium_link_list] for list of testimonial source and title linking to full testimonial

Learn more about Testimonials Widget Premium plugin for WordPress.

Shortcode and Widget Options

  • Title – Widget title
  • Title Link – URL or Post ID to link widget title to
  • Category filter – Comma separated category slug-names
    • category – default none; category=product or category=”product,services”
  • Character limit – Number of characters to limit testimonial views to
    • char_limit – default none; char_limit=200
    • Widget – default 500
  • Hide company?
    • hide_company – default show; hide_company=true
  • Hide email?
    • hide_email – default show; hide_email=true
  • Hide gravatar?
    • hide_gravatar – default show; hide_gravatar=true
  • Hide image?
    • hide_image – default show; hide_image=true
  • Hide not found?
    • hide_not_found – default show; hide_not_found=true
  • Hide source?
    • hide_source – default show; hide_source=true
  • Hide title?
    • hide_title – default show; hide_title=true
  • Hide URL?
    • hide_url – default show; hide_url=true
  • IDs filter – Comma separated IDs
    • ids – default none; ids=2 or ids=”2,4,6″
  • Limit – Number of testimonials to rotate through via widget or show at a time when listing
    • limit – default 10; limit=25
  • Sort by meta key – Used when Random order is disabled and sorting by a testimonials meta key is needed
    • meta_key – default none [[testimonials-widget-company|testimonials-widget-email|testimonials-widget-title|testimonials-widget-url]]; meta_key=testimonials-widget-company
  • Minimum Height – Set for minimum display height
    • min_height – default none; min_height=100
  • Maximum Height – Set for maximum display height
    • max_height – default none; max_height=250
  • ORDER BY Order – DESC or ASC
  • ORDER BY – Used when Random order is disabled
  • Enable paging for [testimonialswidget_list]
    • paging – default true; paging=false
    • Widget – Not functional
  • Random order – Unchecking this will rotate testimonials per ORDER BY and ORDER BY Order
    • random – default none; random=true (overrides order and orderby)
    • Widget = default true
  • Rotation Speed – Seconds between testimonial rotations or 0 for no refresh
    • refresh_interval – default 5; refresh_interval=0
  • Require all tags – Select only testimonials with all of the given tags
    • tags_all – default OR; tags_all=true
  • Tags filter – Comma separated tag slug-names
    • tags – default none; tags=fire or tags=”fire,water”
  • URL Target
    • target – default none; target=_new
  • Widget Bottom Text – Custom text or HTML for bottom of widgets
    • widget_text – default none; widget_text=”<h3><a href="http://example.com">All testimonials</a></h3>

Shortcode Examples

  • [testimonialswidget_list]
    • [testimonialswidget_list]
    • [testimonialswidget_list category=product hide_not_found=true]
    • [testimonialswidget_list category=product tags=widget limit=5]
    • [testimonialswidget_list char_limit=0 target=_new]
    • [testimonialswidget_list hide_source=true hide_url=true]
    • [testimonialswidget_list ids="1,11,111"]
    • [testimonialswidget_list meta_key=testimonials-widget-company order=asc limit=15]
    • [testimonialswidget_list paging=true limit=25]
    • [testimonialswidget_list tags="test,fun" random=true]
  • [testimonialswidget_widget]
    • [testimonialswidget_widget]
    • [testimonialswidget_widget category=product order=asc]
    • [testimonialswidget_widget min_height=250 max_height=500]
    • [testimonialswidget_widget tags=sometag random=true]

Theme Function `testimonialswidget_list()`

  • <?php echo testimonialswidget_list( $args ); ?>
  • $args is an array of the above [testimonialswidget_list] shortcode options – optional

Theme Function `testimonialswidget_widget()`

  • For calling the widget with rotation code into your theme directly
  • <?php echo testimonialswidget_widget( $args, $number ); ?>
  • <?php echo testimonialswidget_widget( $args ); ?>
  • $args is an array of the above [testimonialswidget_list] shortcode options – optional, see FAQ for usage
  • $number should be an arbitrarily number that doesn’t conflict with existing actual Testimonial Widgets widget IDs – optional


  • Default image size is based upon Thumbnail size in Media Settings
  • Gravatar image is configured in the Avatar section of Discussion Settings


You can translate this plugin into your own language if it’s not done so already. The localization file testimonials-widget.pot can be found in the languages folder of this plugin. After translation, please send the localized file to the plugin author.


Background & Thanks

Version 2.0.0 of Testimonials Widget is a complete rewrite based upon a composite of ideas from user feedback and grokking the plugins Imperfect Quotes, IvyCat Ajax Testimonials, Quotes Collection, and TB Testimonials. Thank you to these plugin developers for their efforts that have helped inspire this rewrite.

A cool thanks to RedRokk Library for the redrokk_metabox_class. It makes configuring metaboxes for your posts, pages or custom post types a snap.

Prior to version 2.0.0, this plugin was a fork of Quotes Collection by Srini G with additional contributions from j0hnsmith, ChrisCree and comprock.


Please request support through the WordPress forums for Testimonials Widget. Additionally, if you need to send sensitive information, please email support@typo3vagabond.com.


  1. Via WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New, Upload the testimonials-widget.zip file
  2. Alternately, via FTP, upload testimonials-widget directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the ‘Testimonials Widget’ plugin through WordPress Admin > Plugins


  1. Add and manage the quotes through the ‘Testimonials’ menu in the WordPress admin area
  2. To display testimonials in the sidebar, go to ‘Widgets’ menu and drag the ‘Testimonials Widget’ into the desired widget area
  3. Configure the ‘Testimonials Widget’ to select quotes and display as needed
  4. Alternately, use the [[[testimonialswidget_list] or [[[testimonialswidget_widget] shortcodes to display testimonials on a page or in a post
  5. Alternately, read the FAQ for testimonialswidget_list() and testimonialswidget_widget() theme functions usage

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use the theme functions `testimonialswidget_list()` and `testimonialswidget_widget()`?

In your theme functions.php file, place code similar to the following for the configuration you need.


$args                           = array(
    'category'                    => 'product',
    'tags'                        => 'widget',
    'limit'                       => 5

echo testimonialswidget_list( $args );

$args[[[['refresh_interval']]     = 10;

echo testimonialswidget_widget( $args );


2. How do you include the actual testimonials for the widget? Where do I quote my customers? I mean, where do I enter the actual text?

Checkout the first screenshot 1 at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/testimonials-widget/screenshots/ to see where to manage testimonials.

Basically, look down the left side of your WordPress admin area for the Testimonials sections. Click on that section link, then scroll down or click “Add new ttestimonial” to add quotes.

3. How do I filter the testimonials data before display processing?

function my_testimonials_widget_data( $data ) {
    if ( empty( $data ) )
        return $data;

    foreach( $data as $key => $testimonial ) {
        // do something with the $testimonial entry
        // the keys below are those that are currently available
        // 'testimonial_extra' is the key in which you can put in your own custom content for display
        $testimonial            = array(
            'post_id'             => …,
            'testimonial_source'  => …,
            'testimonial_company' => …,
            'testimonial_content' => …,
            'testimonial_email'       => …,
            'testimonial_image'       => …,
            'testimonial_url'     => …,
            'testimonial_extra'       => …,

        $data[[[[ $key ]]           = $testimonial;

    return $data;

add_filter( 'testimonials_widget_data', 'my_testimonials_widget_data' );

Do note that content truncation might still remove your appended content if you’re using char_limit.

Content of testimonial_extra is appended after the closing cite tag within the testimonial with CSS class testimonialswidget_extra.

4. How do I change the image size?

The default image size is based upon Thumbnail size in Media Settings. If changing that doesn’t work for you, then use add_filter in your theme to adjust the image size.

add_filter( 'testimonials_widget_image_size', 'my_testimonials_widget_image_size' );

function my_testimonials_widget_image_size( $size ) {
    $size                       = array( 120, 90 );

    return $size;

You can use either a string keyword (thumbnail, medium, large or full) or a 2-item array representing width and height in pixels, e.g. array(32,32).

I recommend putting your theme customizations into a custom-functions.php file and then include that in your theme’s functions.php file via include 'custom-functions.php';.

5. How do I change the Gravatar size?

Use an add_filter in your theme to adjust the Gravatar size.

add_filter( 'testimonials_widget_gravatar_size', 'my_testimonials_widget_gravatar_size' );

function my_testimonials_widget_gravatar_size( $size ) {
    $size                       = 120;

    return $size;

Default Gravatar size is 96, maximum 512.

6. What CSS applies to testimonials container?

CSS class testimonialswidget_testimonials wraps all testimonials. Additionally, shortcode lists are wrapped by testimonialswidget_testimonials testimonialswidget_testimonials_list.

7. What CSS applies to single testimonial container?

CSS class testimonialswidget_testimonial wraps a single testimonial. Additionally, single shortcode list tems are wrapped by testimonialswidget_testimonial testimonialswidget_testimonial_list.

8. How can I add the testimonials plugin to any where on the site? ie. somewhere other than the side bar like the contact page etc.?

Use [testimonialswidget_list]. Usage examples are at the bottom of http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/testimonials-widget/.

Look for [[[testimonialswidget_list].

9. How do I hide the comma after the source?

Use CSS.

.testimonialswidget_testimonial .testimonialswidget_join {
    display: none;

10. Testimonials widget is not showing or rotating

The usual problem is that jQuery is included twice. Once by WordPress and again by a theme. Remove the jQuery version included by your theme and you should be fine.

11. I’m not seeing any testimonials but the title

If you’re not seeing any testimonials, even when not using tags filter, you might try increasing the Character limit or setting it to ‘0’ or ‘none’ in the widget box.

12. How do I apply custom CSS to a testimonial widget?

The easiest thing is to check the source code of your page with the widget and look for the testimonial widgets div container id tag. It’ll be something like id="testimonials_widget-3".

13. How to get rid of the quotation marks that surround the random quote?

.testimonialswidget_testimonial q {
    quotes: none;

14. How to change the random quote text color?

Styling such as text color, font size, background color, etc., of the random quote can be customized by editing the testimonials-widget.css file or applying CSS like the following.

.testimonialswidget_testimonial q {
    color: blue;

15. How can I style the shortcode testimonials?

Using my own testimonials page, https://axelerant.com/typo3-vagabond-testimonials/, as the example.

Each shortcode testimonial is wrapped by a div using classes testimonialswidget_testimonial testimonialswidget_testimonial_list. As such, to increase spacing between testimonials, try…

.testimonialswidget_testimonial_list {
    padding-bottom: 1em;

Making the citation line a different color is a little trickier. The reason being is that applying a color to .testimonialswidget_testimonial cite will change the entire citation line in the widget display as well. To only change the shortcode testimonial citation color, try…

.testimonialswidget_testimonial_list cite {
    color: blue;

If you’re wanting to change only the company or URL color, then try.

.testimonialswidget_testimonial_list cite .testimonialswidget_company {
    color: purple;

Like wise, the source uses class testimonialswidget_source.

16. How do I change the join “, ” text?

In CSS, revise the join content like the following.

.testimonialswidget_testimonial .testimonialswidget_join:before {
    content: " | "

17. How to change the admin access level setting for the quotes collection admin page?

Change the value of the variable $testimonialswidget_admin_userlevel on line 33 of the testimonials-widget.php file. Refer WordPress documentation for more information about user roles and capabilities.

18. How do I put the title on a separate line?

In CSS put the following.

.testimonialswidget_testimonial .testimonialswidget_join_title {
    display: none;

.testimonialswidget_testimonial .testimonialswidget_title {
    display: block;

19. How do I put company details on a separate line?

In CSS put the following.

.testimonialswidget_testimonial .testimonialswidget_join {
    display: none;

.testimonialswidget_testimonial .testimonialswidget_company,
.testimonialswidget_testimonial .testimonialswidget_url {
    display: block;

20. After upgrading, testimonial rotations have stopped

The JavaScript for rotating testimonials is moved to the footer. As such, your theme requires wp_footer() in the footer. Check to make sure your theme has the wp_footer() call in footer.php or the equivalent file.

21. How can I justify testimonials text?

To justify all testimonials try…

.testimonialswidget_testimonial {
    text-align: justify;

To justify only the testimonials list try…

.testimonialswidget_testimonial_list {
    text-align: justify;

22. How about testimonials own URL?

Testimonial Widgets records are a custom post type and therefore can be viewed via a URL like http://www.example.com/testimonial/michael-cannon-senior-developer/.

When you look at the Testimonials Widget admin list, you can click on the View link to see the testimonial.

Going further though, you’ll need to enable feature image, gravatar and custom post meta like company, email, etc. on your own for your theme.

23. My testimonial URL says “Page not found” or 404

Go to WordPress > Plugins to Deactivate and then Activate Testimonials Widget. The flush_rewrite_rules function needs to run.

If that still doesn’t work, go to WordPress > Settings > Permalinks and click “Save Changes”.

24. Does this plug in use admin-ajax.php to refresh?

No, it doesn’t call admin-ajax.php at all.

25. Is there a way to reorder testimonials?

Look for ORDER BY under Advanced Options of the Testimonials Widget. In ORDER BY, put post_date. Then you use dates to put your testimonials into the order you want.

26. How do I create a next link?

See http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-testimonials-widget-next-testimonial-not-pagination.

27. How do I hide the “No testimonials found” text?

In Widget options, check “Hide testimonials not found?” or in shortcode options use hide_not_found=true.

[[[testimonialswidget_list hide_not_found=true]

28. How do I export testimonials?

Use the WordPress Admin > Tools > Export option to do so. Besure to select ‘All content’ or ‘Testimonials’.

29. How do I import testimonials from WordPress export?

Go WordPress Admin > Tools > Import > WordPress, install and activate that WordPress importer. Then repeat the WordPress Admin > Tools > Import > WordPress sequence to actually import up your export.

30. What’s one way to programmatically query testimonials on a page without using shortcodes or widgets?

$paged = get_query_var('paged') ? get_query_var('paged') : 1;
$args = array( 'paged' => $paged, 'posts_per_page' => 10, 'orderby' => DESC, 'post_type' => Testimonials_Widget::pt );
// The Query
query_posts( $args );
// The Loop
while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();
// do your thing…

Cheers to tcwebguru for this suggestion.

31. How do I change Testimonials Widget text labels?

  1. Create a localized YOUR_WPLANG.mo file from languages/testimonials-widget.pot. See Translation Tools of Translating WordPress for help.
  2. Create a directory named languages inside of wp-includes.
  3. Put your YOUR_WPLANG.mo file into your wp-includes/languages directory.
  4. Set WPLANG inside of wp-config.php to your chosen language. See Using Localizations of Translating WordPress for help.
  5. The default WPLANG is en_US. Use en_US.mo as the filename of your localization changes if you’re sticking with US English.

32. How do I prevent testimonials in my footer from changing the page height?

Use the shortcode or widget max-height option to keep the testimonial widget height consistent.

33. How do I change the more content ellipsis?

In your theme’s functions.php file, add similar code as follows.

add_filter( 'testimonials_widget_content_more', function() { return ' Continue reading &rarr;'; } );


function my_content_more() {
    return ' Continue reading &rarr;';

add_filter( 'testimonials_widget_content_more', 'my_content_more' );

34. How is an active testimonial widget formatted with CSS?

<!-- testimonials outer wrapper begin -->
<!-- The NNN of testimonialswidget_testimonialsNNN represents the widget number for specific widget styling -->
<div class="testimonialswidget_testimonials testimonialswidget_testimonialsNNN">
    <!-- individual testimonial wrapper begin -->
    <div class="testimonialswidget_testimonial testimonialswidget_active">
        <span class="testimonialswidget_image">
            <img width="150" height="150" src="http://example.com/example.jpg" class="attachment-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="Example" title="Example">
            <p>Testimonial AKA post content</p>
            <span class="testimonialswidget_author">
                <a href="mailto:email@example.com">Source AKA post title</a>
            <span class="testimonialswidget_join_title"></span>
            <span class="testimonialswidget_title">Title</span>
            <span class="testimonialswidget_join"></span>
            <span class="testimonialswidget_company">
                <a href="http://example.com">Company, LLC</a>
        <div class="testimonialswidget_widget_text">Custom widget text</div>
    <!-- individual testimonial wrapper end -->
<!-- testimonials outer wrapper end -->

Please view the testimonials-widget.css file for CSS customizations.

35. How is a testimonial list formatted with CSS?

<!-- testimonials outer wrapper begin -->
<div class="testimonialswidget_testimonials testimonialswidget_testimonials_list">
    <!-- individual testimonial wrapper begin -->
    <div class="testimonialswidget_testimonial testimonialswidget_testimonial_list">
        <span class="testimonialswidget_image">
            <img width="150" height="150" src="http://example.com/example.jpg" class="attachment-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="Example" title="Example">
            <p>Testimonial AKA post content</p>
            <span class="testimonialswidget_author">
                <a href="mailto:email@example.com">Source AKA post title</a>
            <span class="testimonialswidget_join_title"></span>
            <span class="testimonialswidget_title">Title</span>
            <span class="testimonialswidget_join"></span>
            <span class="testimonialswidget_company">
                <a href="http://example.com">Company, LLC</a>
        <div class="testimonialswidget_widget_text">Custom widget text</div>
    <!-- individual testimonial wrapper end -->
<!-- testimonials outer wrapper end -->

Please view the testimonials-widget.css file for CSS customizations.

36. How do I configure Next and Previous page indicators?

For previous page links, in your theme’s functions.php file, add similar code as follows.

add_filter( 'testimonials_widget_previous_posts_link_text', function() { return 'Previous'; } );


function my_testimonials_widget_previous_posts_link_text() {
    return 'Previous';

add_filter( 'testimonials_widget_previous_posts_link_text', 'my_testimonials_widget_previous_posts_link_text' );

For next page links, use testimonials_widget_next_posts_link instead of testimonials_widget_previous_posts_link_text in above.

37. Why should I purchase for Testimonials Widget Premium?

The free Testimonials Widget 2.3.0 release update provides several new filters, one of which, testimonials_widget_content, is the same that I’m using for incorporating the ‘read more’ links.

You and other developers are very welcome to code your own version of Testimonials Widget Premium plugin’s caching and ‘read more’ link capabilities without purchase.

Personally, it was a hard choice making the ‘Read more’ link feature a premium option. I knew that there were going to be people not happy with me for doing so. However, I feel that asking for –donations– purchase are an acceptable request to help pay for the normally free and ongoing support and development like Testimonials Widget’s 17 high-level changes to go from version 2.2.9 to 2.3.0.

Furthermore, if someone can’t afford to purchase, they can always email me directly, not via the forums, and ask politely for a copy of the premium plugin. The support email address is found under the “Support” heading at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/testimonials-widget/.

38. How do I use filter `testimonials_widget_defaults`?

To create a global or central Testimonials Widget configuration, in your theme’s functions.php file, add similar code as follows.

function my_testimonials_widget_defaults( $array ) {
    $array[[[['category']]            = 'testimony';
    $array[[[['char_limit']]      = 250;
    $array[[[['paging']]          = 'true';
    $array[[[['refresh_interval']]    = 10;

    return $array;

add_filter( 'testimonials_widget_defaults', 'my_testimonials_widget_defaults' );

39. How do I style the custom widget text?

In your theme’s styles.css file use the CSS class .testimonialswidget_widget_text to style the custom widget text.

40. How do I get page numbers for pagination?

Install and activate WP-PageNavi to get page numbers for pagination of testimonials via the shortcode [[[testimonialswidget_list paging=true].

Additionally, you can use filter testimonials_widget_wp_pagenavi to configure WP-PageNavi specifically for Testimonial Widgets. Read WP-PageNavi’s core.php wp_pagenavi function declaration for available options.

41. How do I make my widget height consistent and not overlapping?

In short, set min-height and max-height options to be the same.

Why? Because testimonial lengths differ and there might be an image or not, the normal CSS height property fails for our dynamic rotations.

42. How do I exclude testimonial categories from Category widget?

Add the following to your theme’s functions.php file:

function exclude_widget_categories( $args ) {
    // Make sure to replace the category IDs 8,10 with yours.
    $exclude                    = '8,10';
    $args[[[['exclude']]          = $exclude;
    return $args;
add_filter( 'widget_categories_args', 'exclude_widget_categories' );

Thank you katiewp for the answer.

43. How do I exclude testimonial categories from my sitemap?

Change the following in your theme’s functions.php or sitemap.php file:


<?php wp_list_categories('sort_column=name&optioncount=1&hierarchical=0&title_li='); ?>


<?php wp_list_categories('sort_column=name&optioncount=1&hierarchical=0&title_li=&exclude=8,10'); ?>

Make sure to replace the category IDs 8,10 with yours.

Thank you katiewp for the answer.

44. Can I change how quickly the testimonials change?

Yes. Look for the “Rotation Speed” on the widget options panel or use the refresh_interval option in shortcode to adjust the number of seconds between testimonial rotations.

45. Why don’t I see all of my testimonial?

The widget option by default has a 500 character limit. To view more characters, increase the limit or set it to 0. See bottom of screenshot 3.

46. How do you order testimonials by given IDs?

To display the testimonials with IDs 538, 451, 442, 449, and 565 in that same order; you need to use the ids and orderby shortcode or widget options.

[[[testimonialswidget_list ids="538,451,442,449,565" orderby=none]

Thank you Ionrot for inspiring this FAQ and code feature.

47. How to make testimonials widget a list, not rotating individual testimonials?

You use the testimonialswidget_list shortcode, but you also need to add add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode'); to your themes functions.php file.

Having formatting issues? See Enabling shortcodes in widgets, quick WordPress tip. for further help.

Thank you davidnjacoby for recommending this FAQ.

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  1. Testimonials admin interface
  2. Edit testimonial
  3. Testimonials Widget options – top
  4. Testimonials Widget options – bottom
  5. [testimonialswidget_widget] in post and testimonial widget in the sidebar
  6. [testimonialswidget_list] in post
  7. [testimonialswidget_list] results
  8. [testimonialswidget_list] with paging
  9. Shortcode with ‘Read more’ link – Testimonials Widget Premium plugin
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  12. Single testimonial view
  13. Widget with clickable title and custom text/HTML on bottom
  14. WP-PageNavi compatible for page numbers than default arrows
  15. [[[testimonialswidgetpremium_link_list] Shortcode example – Testimonials Widget Premium plugin



  • TBD
  • CleanCSS the CSS
  • Donate to purchase verbiage change – One bad experience ruins it for all
  • FAQ 47 testimonials list in a widget
  • TODO Add location field


  • Add filter testimonials_widget_defaults_single
  • TODO clean up for premium version
  • TODO Optional wpautop functionality for better formatting


  • Add ‘No order’ as an Order By widget option
  • Add FAQ 45 testimonial character limit
  • Add Recommendation heading
  • FAQ 23 mention 404
  • FAQ 46 testimonial ordering by given IDs
  • Update filters listing
  • Use posts_results filter to put posts in same orders as post__in when orderby=none


  • BUGFIX Missing CSS for testimonialswidget_join_title
  • FAQ 44 Refresh interval – Thank you biztips


  • Add screenshot 15
  • FAQ 34 Update CSS
  • FAQ 35 Update CSS
  • FAQ 42 Exclude testimonial categories from Category widget
  • FAQ 43 Exclude testimonial categories from my sitemap
  • Update premium features


  • Adjust default limit to 10 from 25
  • Add CSS margin-top to cite, .testimonialswidget_extra and .testimonialswidget_text
  • BUGFIX Keep widget_text with each testimonial
  • Donate link update
  • FAQ 41 Widget height consistency



  • BUGFIX testimonialswidget_widget always random
  • Comment and verbiage cleanups
  • Minor refactor of get_testimonial_html
  • TODO Added Template engine


  • FAQ 39 Style the custom widget text
  • FAQ 40 Page number pagination
  • FEATURE Custom widget text
  • FEATURE Make the widget title clickable
  • FEATURE Page numbers via WP-PageNavi
  • Refactor paging to use WordPress functions
  • SCREENSHOT 12 recrop
  • SCREENSHOT 13 Widget with clickable title and custom text/HTML on bottom
  • SCREENSHOT 14 WP-PageNavi compatible for page numbers than default arrows
  • SCREENSHOT 3 update
  • SCREENSHOT 4 update
  • TODO Remove Custom widget text – added
  • TODO Remove Make the widget title clickable – added
  • TODO Remove Page numbers – added
  • TODO Remove fields to show – done via theme



  • FEATURE Improved single page view
  • SCREENSHOT Single testimonial view
  • TODO Meta capabilities


  • Add filters testimonials_widget_options_update, testimonials_widget_options_form
  • BUGFIX “featured image” module disappeared
  • Clean up tags per plugin guidelines
  • Combine source and url display when no email or company
  • FAQ renumber second 36 to 37
  • FAQ 38 Use filter testimonials_widget_defaults
  • FEATURE Centralized defaults via filter testimonials_widget_defaults
  • Only grab paged information once
  • Prepend HTTP protocol if missing in URL
  • SCREENSHOT Widget Premium Options
  • Simplify filter testimonials_widget_content
  • Simplify read more ellipsis
  • Trim content after formatting



  • BUGFIX No paging when cached
  • FAQ 3 Check for empty $data
  • FAQ 33 Change more content ellipsis
  • FAQ 34/35 Clarify CSS classes
  • FAQ 36 Configure Next and Previous page indicators
  • FEATURE (Premium) Read More links to full testimonial page
  • FEATURE Easier to configure Next and Previous page indicators
  • Refactor get_testimonial_html
  • Refactor testimonial HTML creation methods
  • Remove “Read more…” preparations
  • Replace testimonials_truncate with WordPress’s wp_trim_words
  • SCREENSHOTS ‘Read more’ links
  • Sanitize names
  • TEMP Prevent widget caching
  • TODO Clarify ‘Read more’
  • TODO Remove – CSV Export
  • TODO Updates
  • Update POT file



  • Begin “Read more…” preparations
  • Correct content display processing
  • FAQ 32 Min-height usage
  • FAQ 4 Custom code placement clarification
  • TODO Updates
  • Widgets display content sans wpautop formatting


  • Catch widget number in cache
  • FAQ Custom query code. Thank you tcwebguru
  • FAQ Change Testimonials Widget text labels
  • Language verbiage correction
  • PHP notice fix – esc_attr
  • Remove premium code include


  • BUGFIX Widget config not saving correctly
  • FAQ Export/import
  • TODO Updates



  • BUGFIX Tags – no more than 2?
  • Clean up PHP notices
  • Fix Changelog link
  • PREMIUM Implement testimonials query and content caching
  • TODO update




  • Number FAQ Entries
  • Revise Installation Usage text
  • Revise Shortcode and Widget Options text


  • FAQ testimonialswidget_widget() example
  • Multisite compatible
  • Reversion as 2.1.10 was a minor release than only bug fixes



  • Allow min_height 0
  • FAQ – How do I use the theme function testimonialswidget_list()?
  • Move CSS include to header


  • Remove testimonialswidget_widget char_limit default
  • TODO – debug true



  • FAQ: ORDER BY explanation
  • FAQ: testimonial_extra explanation
  • Moved CSS to footer
  • Next testimonial link idea
  • Option: Add hide_not_found to prevent showing “No testimonials found”
  • Revise theme methods as functions
  • Screenshot: Update upper widget options
  • Staged widget testimonials are initially display: none via CSS .testimonialswidget_display_none
  • TODO updates
  • Verbiage: Refresh Interval to Rotation Speed
  • Widget option explanations


  • Always apply min-height


  • Enable WPML
  • Idea – Maximum height setting
  • Revise description
  • Revise TODO


  • Allow commas in meta_key
  • FAQ on page not found
  • Fix widget Random order always true condition
  • Increase bottom margin spacing for listed testimonials
  • TODO vote casting note
  • Update localization pot file


  • Add hide_gravatar option
  • Add apply_filters( ‘testimonials_widget_data’, $testimonial_data ) to process data before display
  • Add right margin to gravatar image
  • Added empty testimonial data field testimonial_extra for customization in testimonials
  • Allow widget and shortcode sorting by post meta values via meta_key
  • Correct PHP static accessors
  • Update FAQ
  • Update widget options screenshots
  • Working full testimonial URLs


  • Add [testimonialswidget_list] paging screenshot


  • Enable paging for [testimonialswidget_list] shortcode
  • Flush rewrite rules on activation
  • Disallow paging in widget and [testimonialswidget_widget] shortcode


  • Update shortcode option directions


  • Ignore already imported
  • Mark testimonialswidget_widget() $number argument as optional


  • Allow for 0 refresh_interval in get_testimonials_html


  • Allow for 0 refresh_interval in widget



  • Verbiage updates
  • Readme.txt validation
  • widget q p tag display inline
  • GPL2 licensing
  • Move upgrade notice text towards installation
  • Reorder screenshots
  • Apply ‘the_content’ filters directly to prevent plugin baggage
  • Update screenshot-7.png


  • Major rewrite
  • Add filters for image & gravatar sizes
  • Admin bar New > Testimonial
  • Authors and lower can manage their own testimonials
  • Auto-migration from old to new format upon install
    • Public > Published
    • Not public > Private
  • Categories – product, project, service
  • Clean up verbiage
  • Cleaner widget class
  • Custom columns list view
    • Image
    • Source
    • Shortcode
    • Email
    • Company
    • URL
    • Published by
    • Category
    • Tags
    • Date
  • Custom fields metabox
    • Email
    • Company
    • URL
  • Custom post-type
  • Default fields – source, email, company, URL
  • Editors and higher can manage all testimonials and edit testimonial publisher
  • Enable categories and tags
  • Enable full shortcode options in widget
  • Gravatar
  • HTML content allowed
  • Images
  • JavaScript in footer
  • Localization
  • Reference shortcode column
  • Reorganize widget options panel
  • Rotation JavaScript in footer than body
  • Shortcode options validation
  • WP_Query for get_testimonials()
  • Widget image on own line
  • Widget options
    • Title
    • Category filter
    • Tags filter
    • Require all tags
    • Advanced options
    • Hide image?
    • Hide source?
    • Hide email?
    • Hide company?
    • Hide URL?
    • Character limit
    • IDs filter
    • Limit
    • Maximum Height
    • Minimum Height
    • ORDER BY
    • ORDER BY Order
    • Random order
    • Rotation Speed
  • Move caching to ideas
  • Add theme function testimonialswidget_widget() doc
  • Update POT
  • [testimonialswidget_widget] shortcode
  • Match [testimonialswidget_widget] shortcode option defaults to widget
  • Update screenshots
  • Readd Minimum Height – need help getting around this


  • Clean up CSS
  • Remove q & cite p wrapper


  • the_title filter fix


  • Enable character limit for shortcode


  • Character limit nows forces text truncation than preventing of testimonial to show
  • Add option – Limit number of testimonials to pull at a time
  • Sanitize widget variables
  • Fix random_order issue on testimonials widget


  • Require Editor role for managing Testimonials


  • CSS testimonialswidget_testimonial_list fix #2


  • CSS testimonialswidget_testimonial_list fix


  • CSS updates for widgets and lists


  • Add span.testimonialswidget_join for author , join text
  • Add nl2br for testimonials display on a page


  • Shortcode added – Thank you Hal Gatewood


  • Allow testimonials to have multiple tags
  • Show only quotes with all tags


  • Show newest testimonials first in admin list by default
  • Quick locallization
  • Quotes Collection recommendation

2011-10-03: Version 0.2

  • Multi-widget enabled
  • Testimonial, author & source text are clickable automatically
  • Allow 0 refresh to make widget static
  • Allow pressing return when editing testimonial to save record

2011-08-12: Version 0.1

  • initial release

Upgrade Notice

Paging is on by default, except for widgets
CSSClass testimonialswidget_company replaces testimonialswidget_source
Class testimonialswidget_source replaces testimonialswidget_author
The tighten widget display up, p tags within q are displayed inline.JavaScriptThe JavaScript for rotating testimonials is moved to the footer. As such, yo


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  • Ako


    I see wpautop display was removed with version 2.2.8. Is there a way to put it back manually?

    Thank you.

    • wpautop is still there. It’s just not used when the widget or widget shortcode is used.

  • Ako

    Thank you for your answer. I’m aware of wpautop still existing. What I meant was, how could it be used within the Testimonials Widget plugin again?

    In my experience, inserting p tags into the testimonials does not work with the widget (for some reason they do not create paragraphs in the displayed text of the testimonials), while double br tags do work, but they are deleted whenever I switch from html to visual editing in WP.

    Many testimonials look ugly when presented in a single block; visually structuring them is a necessity. The workaround with br tags is OK for me, but it is difficult to explain to a less proficient user, who needs something a bit simpler (i.e automatic formatting with wpautop).

    Could I modify or re-insert some line into the code to get this functionality back?

    Thanks again.

    • Ako,

      There’s not an option to enable wpautop for widgets specifically.

      Could you please do me a favor and get feedback from the Testimonials Widget users community via the support forums at http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/testimonials-widget and see what they think.

      It’d be easy to add an option, but I’m not confident on the default setting. In the name of not breaking stuff, it should be no wpautop for widgets by default. However, I’m curious what the community has to say.

      Gracie mille!