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Sreenivasan Kasi Viswanathan

Engagement Manager

Sreenivasan is working as a Solutions Specialist, Global at Axelerant. He has been framing the right technology solutions since 2008 that enabled many businesses to become efficient and profitable. He focuses on developing strong long term business relationships and technology partnerships with some great businesses across the globe by providing IT Solutions consulting services.

Sreenivasan lives in Coimbatore with his family. He’s been known to escape from work by spending some time gardening and go for evening walks with his wife Renuka. He wants to be an entrepreneur and strategy consultant in his life. Passion towards utilizing leading edge technologies to connect the dots between people and ideas, always helped him to be creative in framing sustainable digital solutions.

One should maintain his vision of entire forest through the trees and yet primarily be people’s person. People and ideas are the most important ingredients for success, the technology follows.

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