Achin Banarjee - Axelerant

Achin Banerjee

Project Manager

Achin is working as a Project Manager at Axelerant. He has been managing project deliveries since 2002. His work focus is to deliver the project on time and budget with quality and to ensure the client is happy with the work done. Achin lives in Sydney with his family. His favourite escape from work is cooking and traveling with family

Achin’s favorite and best reason about working at Axelerant, is flexibility. As he says, “I can work from my bed, my kitchen, or at a coffee shop. Also, can go away for a week and take my laptop with me to keep up with regular clients. I can plan my own holidays.”

His dream is to holiday in the Blue Mountains for two months, set up my laptop on a makeshift tent that overlooks the mountain, and take time off to go trekking. Now that would be cool!