By Taneem Malik, Axelerant HR Intern, Spring 2015

Action! Sounds thrilling right? Well, it has been so here in Axelerant.

I always wanted to experience what it would be like to be part of a professional environment. Theories, while they do help, don’t make you a master of things. There’s always that magic of the actual experience. So here I was, in Axelerant to face the real company world, to feel what I had always longed for.

Why Axelerant?

Ahh! There’s a bunch of reasons, but the amazing culture tops everything else. I had observed it for some time before joining and was amazed to find every aspect of OCTAPACE present. It was thus a good idea to learn from them.

My Experience

It has been great to be a part of an Axelerant internship. This opportunity was my first time working as an intern for a company, and I have never learned so much in six weeks. The experience was beyond my expectations.

When I joined as an HR Intern, I had presumed that my mentor Nitika would only have me observe how things work. To my pleasant surprise, though, I was given the opportunity to get hands-on with things. I was involved in almost all HR activities with Nitika. It is gladdening when you are considered a part of the company like other employees, although you are just an intern.

It also makes you extraordinarily happy and here, for me, Axelerant’s vision of Making happiness possible was fulfilled.


I joined the Srinagar, Kashmir branch of Axelerant. My internship began with induction in which I had to read about everything the company stands for. Induction lasted almost two weeks and by the end of it I was well aware of all the different policies and procedures that the company follows.

I remember the first time that I had to interact with everyone on Slack, and I have no shame in admitting, I was nervous! Avni Das was the first person I chose to speak with. “Everybody around here is cool,” she said during our conversation, and she was right. Every interaction made me believe her words more and more; and indeed positive culture creates positive employees.

What’s HRMS and ATS?

I got an opportunity to learn about TribeHR, which is a Human Resources Management System and the Resumator, an Application Tracking System that Axelerant uses. Being able to reach every current and potential team member, communicating with them and sometimes having an informal chat proved beneficial for me. These interactions helped me get over my inherent trait of being a reserved person. As a bonus, interacting with people outside Axelerant helped me gain confidence.

Every day was different and continued to offer new opportunities and experiences. An Axelerant Internship makes you want to come to work every day.

One of the most incredible parts of my internship was dealing with all the different departments. I had never heard about things like Behat, PHP, Drupal, etc. before starting my internship with Axelerant, but now I am glad that it has helped me to broaden my awareness. I even had an opportunity to work with the Sales team on lead extraction and no doubt it was a delightful time with lots of learnings.

It was great being able to learn about the different company departments and I consider myself lucky to receive guidance from such knowledgeable and hard working people.

Yeah Axelerant!

I genuinely feel that an Axelerant internship has been a great grounding experience for my future career. My advice to all future interns would be, “If you want to grow happily, join Axelerant.” Be open minded, take advantage of any and all opportunities that you can, be proactive and take initiative when you are here.

The internship period goes by very quickly, so take advantage of all the resources, work hard and most importantly, Have fun!

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