We’ve spoken at length about how we as a remote team connect and the tools we use to get work done. Now we thought it might be fun to give you a ‘peek’ into a day in the life of an Axelerant team member. Not everything in our conversation is about work. As these screenshots from our collaborative communications tool Slack will show, Axelerant has a great variety of “virtual channels” that keep us connected at work and play. Here’s an inside look!

Hussain’s 1 Year Anniversary

The #general channel in Slack is where most of our communication happens on a daily basis, which means that this is where we share what’s happening in addition to getting work done.

Hussain’s 1 Year Anniversary - Remote Team Connect

Hussain’s 1 Year Anniversary

Sorry Parth

Whatever we might be talking about, photos and descriptions spice up the conversation. Of course, we can’t help but make some folks jealous.

Sorry Parth - How We Connect

Sorry Parth

Kitchen Sprint

A lot of general hanging out happens on Slack as well. Whether it’s planning about our much awaited 2015 Company Retreat in Goa or sharing “food love”.

Kitchen Sprint - Remote team connect

Kitchen Sprint

Clients Love Us

Slack is also a great way to share appreciation by clients with all of Axelerant easily. These simple cheers really make us proud to work at Axelerant.

Clients Love Us - Remote team connect

Clients Love Us

Kudos via Presentation, then Slack’d

Slack supports loving the Axelerant team on mobile devices. So as feedback comes in, we can share it right away.

Kudos via Presentation - Remote team connect

Kudos via Presentation

Emojis Galore

Words not enough? Use goofy characters.

Emojis Galore - Remote team connect

Emojis Galore

Dominos, Pizza Hut, or Italiano for pizza?

Quite a few Axelerant team members are ‘foodies’, and it shows in our conversations…

Fodies @ Axelerant - Remote team connect

Foodies @ Axelerant

No More Private Groups

One day we decided to go the extra mile in practising our core values of ‘Openness’ and decided to have no more long-term “private channels”.

No Private Groups - Remote team connect

No Private Groups

Bassam’s 2nd Work Anniversary

Slack is a great place to celebrate occasions, such as business milestones and anniversaries besides just birthdays across our distributed teams.

Work Anniversaries - Remote team connect

Work Anniversaries

Saturday Mocktails

Parth tries to bribe people into working for a few hours on Saturday.

Cocktail Bribes - Remote team Connect

Cocktail Bribes

The Office of Bug Killing

Sometimes, we could just be sharing our remote office setting.

Bug Squashing - Remote team connect

Bug Squashing

More Marriages?

It seems like the wedding season is on at Axelerant in 2015! And for some, we try to influence them to get married.

More Marriages - Remote team connect

More Marriages

A day of #shares

Axelerant team members share all tech-related links and GAS about technology on #shares. This helps other team members get inspired by all the articles shared or discuss things in common.

Sharing @ Axelerant - Remote team connect

Sharing @ Axelerant

Managers Share Too!

Managers Share too - Remote team connect

Managers Share too

Over to You

Slack for Axelerant is one of the key ways we work and play together as a fully remote and distributed team. Axelerant is very different from any other workplace I’ve ever had and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We’d love to hear your thoughts & experiences on the following.

  • How do you communicate/chat/work together at your workplace?
  • Do you have an exciting way of getting over the distance of a distributed workforce?