Projspace’s release version 0.2 is out, and we have made several strategic decisions with this new releases. As we are doing duplicable work for Drupal, we would like to integrate Projspace with Acquia’s Dev Cloud through its API for all Drupal sites. In future releases, Projspace will concentrate on other frameworks and languages such on Rails, Django, Yesod, Snap, etc.

In Projspace 0.2, we have done more with User management. The whole architecture of Projspace was designed in a decoupled fashion. This means, git repositories, web server, and projspace-ui work independently, yet collectively. The main idea is freedom to operate each tier separately and also have command line tools to work with this system. Keeping this in mind, we had to manage users separately in conjunction with Redmine, Gitlab, and web server.

Now we have done a little bit of change in the flow.

Brief Changelog

  • Have LDAP in place to manage accounts. This is linked with Redmine, Gitlab, and Webserver
  • Showing Gitlab in an iframe to manage users within Redmine
  • Created functionality to add users in the webserver’s group

This article was originally published October 17, 2013. It has been updated since then for clarity.