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Axelerant’s Inside Axelerant series gives you a glimpse of principals, policies, and guidelines within our Open Company.

Productivity Expectations

We don’t run on a set number of work hours per day. Instead, Axelerant is results-oriented through accepted task completion and key performance indicators based upon metrics.

Flexible Work Hours

Your work schedule is flexible as long as that doesn’t negatively affect your team members. E.g. Not being available for daily stand-ups, meetings or group chats might affect your team members.


Take them when needed and come back to work refreshed.


Working overtime for extended periods of time indicates a fundamental failure in our planning and communication. When this happens at Axelerant, it’s a sign that something needs fixing.

If you find yourself working long hours, or feeling like that your life and work balance is out of whack, be sure to raise the issue with your leader and #HR for help.

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