Objective: Migrate multilingual content of 4 Dennis Publishing websites (KnowYourMobile.com, VivaCelular.com, KnowYourMobile.in, and TheFullSignal.com) from their custom implementation to a Drupal 7 platform.

Challenge: A major challenge was to understand the data relationships of the client’s custom CMS. Another challenge was to provide migration for new data that was being produced by the publishers while the migration was still in progress.

Solution: We migrated 4 multilingual websites built around their custom CMS using one code-base running multiple versions of the same site. We handled huge amounts of media content, worked with multiple languages, and followed-up closely with the client to gain an understanding of their custom CMS’ database structure. Our team used the Migrate module, along with implementing a load of custom data mapping to ensure that the new website responded exactly as the original one. We used an Incremental Migration method, to migrate new content that was being produced by the publishing team while our migration was still in process, without hindering any of their regular website updates.

Results: Once the migration was done we ensured that all the old URLs were intact, and made a lot of re-directs to retain the SEO ranking of the websites after migration. The website was also constantly updated with data, without any hindrance from our development team, as we were migrating the new data using an incremental migration method that was automated. The project was finished within 400 hours and 15% under budget than quoted, justifying our planning and implementation of re-usable architecture to save time.

Visit: KnowYourMobile.com, VivaCelular.com, KnowYourMobile.in, TheFullSignal.com

Implemented incremental migration for 4 Dennis Publishing multilingual websites from their custom CMS to Drupal 7, without hindering client’s regular content updates.