Objective: To integrate data from PeriodLiving and RealHomes websites into HomeBuilding website and managing all the three domains using Domain Access Module.

Challenge: The Ascent team came to us with three of their sites HomeBuilding (Drupal 7), RealHomes (Drupal 6) and PeriodLiving (Drupal 6). They wanted to unify the interface to manage all three of their websites and still be able to share content across the sites, while keeping the look and feel of all the websites different. Also, they were keen on moving their hosting from their current provider to our partner Acquia.

Solution: To help them achieve an easy-to-use interface to manage all the three sites’ content, we migrated RealHomes & PeriodLiving to Drupal 7 and used Domain Access Module to manage all the three sites.

We followed these steps to fulfill customer requirements:

  • We combined the codebase and database of all three websites into one, which would enable them to maintain all 3 sites better.
  • Implemented Domain Access which allowed
    • The flexibility of different domains for the three sites
    • Different themes per domain giving a different look to each website
    • Option of sharing content within the domains

Once all this was done, only HomeBuilding’s hosting was moved, leaving the old infrastructure of RealHomes and PeriodLiving untouched since the RealHomes and PeriodLiving were migrated into this base site.

Result: Integration of codebase and database decreased the amount of work-hours the client would have to put in to modify same content and add additional functionality on each site. We also gave them the facility to enable and disable features per site for strong control over their website’s content. Each site’s look was kept different while giving them unified content management control on the administrator side.

Unified 3 Ascent Publishing websites into a single Drupal interface for managing sharing and updating of content.