We’re sorry this is late

2014 in review was an incredible year for determining the purpose and setting the foundation for Axelerant to grow forth. However, we accidentally got carried away in a few areas and forgot to complete some tasks. Like, send out the 2014 year end post. Now, it’s August 2015, and it’s finally going out.

Sure, some of the things mentioned below have been surpassed or become old, but that’s the way of change. Especially as Axelerant loves positive, incremental change. So, even if something isn’t quite right with the first iteration, future versions will be quick to come.

Axelerant’s Purpose

Axelerant group meeting outside

Changing our future

Our 2014 retreat was held in Rishikesh. We had a couple days of team interaction workshops followed by two more days of relaxing along the Ganges river. During these times, we firmly took hold of the carpet underneath Axelerant and gave it a hard yank to simplify our reason in being.

Through this mixing things up, Axelerant created a new vision, mission, and a set of core values for itself.


Axelerant, making happiness possible


We’re an incubator for innovative products and services created to make the world a happier place.

Core Values

  • Passion – Our passion is so strong, we’re self-directed to make the difficult easy.
  • Openness – We’re so honest and bothersome in our discussions that there’s no questions left, and standards are created.
  • Giving – We’re excited to share our results to inspire all to surpass them.

Completed Projects

Enterpriser Project - Red Hat - Website Build - Axelerant

Enterpriser Project – Red Hat – Website Build – Axelerant

2014 saw Axelerant through over 30 projects. Several of which were high-profile and therefore not mentionable further. Still, we’re quite proud of the teams that produced happy clients with their excellent efforts. Project team members left 2014 with 625 projects tasks open while having created 1,967 and closed 1,649.

Community Contributions

An essential component of working at Axelerant is giving back to open source communities. Typically it’s around Drupal, but we also make contributions to Ruby on Rails, WordPress, and other technologies.

2014 community contribution highlights include:

  • Hussain mentored at a module upgrade sprint in Bangalore and introduced new contributors to Drupal 8.
  • Michael had over 2,600 commits to multiple open source projects.
  • Michael’s Testimonials Widget plugin for WordPress had been downloaded over 500,000 times.
  • Mohit began actively porting two modules to Drupal 8.
  • Rajiv, Alan, Bassam, and Piyush ported modules or contributed patches to Drupal 8 or helped with reviews.

Over 80 issues worked by Hussain were committed to Drupal 8. Most of Hussain’s beta blocker, critical, and major bug fixes dealt with the Drupal 8 core, Entity API, and Field API. See our DrupalGive page for more efforts that support open source.

Events Participation or Sponsorship

Jaipur Drupal Users Group - India

Jaipur Drupal Users Group – India

Axelerant team members racked up serious air miles by attending and sponsoring events across several continents in 2014. In 2015, our event attendance is expected to double (it has).

  • Drupal Mini Camp Bangalore
  • DrupalCon Amsterdam
  • DrupalCon Austin
  • DrupalCamp Atlanta
  • DrupalCamp Mumbai
  • DrupalCamp Pune
  • Drupal Meetup Jaipur
  • FOSSASIA Phnom Penh

Event Sessions

We don’t attend events to stand solely around. We actively present and share what we know with the community. We’re as often in front of people as we’re in front of the computer. That’s how we roll.

  • Hussain – Drupal Mini Camp Bangalore – Using Omega to build responsive websites
  • Hussain – Drupal Camp Pune 2014 – Drupal Migration
  • Hussain, Vishnu, Mantesh – Drupal Global Training Day – Drupal Global Training Day
  • Hussain – Drupal Meetup Jun 2014 – Introduction to Dependency Injection
  • Hussain – Drupal Meetup Jul/Aug 2014 – Introduction to PHP-FIG and PSR
  • Michael spoke on WordPress plugin development for brand awareness and profit at FOSSAISA
  • Vishnu – Drupal Mini Camp Bangalore – Drupal in a Day training
  • Karthik – Drupal Mini Camp Bangalore – Features of Drupal 8
  • Hussain – Drupal Mini Camp Bangalore – Testing your Drupal Website with Behat
  • Michael – Drupal Meetup Jaipur – Session on “Itches to Riches”
  • Suchi – Drupal Meetup Jaipur- “Women in Drupal”

Our Team Members

women of Axelerant group photo

Ladies of Axelerant

We started out 2014 with 22 team members and over the year, 2,636 people applied to work at Axelerant. Not even 1% survived their trial hire and joined Axelerant.

By year end, we grew to 36 team members (50+ now) with 19% being female. Wonderfully, ladies represent 27% of our management. Now, our team members work remotely from Australia, India, Israel, Taiwan, and the United States.

Fun HR Numbers

  • 653 kudos received
  • 436 kudos were given
  • 417 days of leave taken
  • Longest-time team member, 2.5 years
  • Shortest-time team member, 12 days
  • Oldest team member, 50
  • Youngest team member, 23
  • There’re nine job openings at Axelerant

Updated Benefits

We try not to run Axelerant by strict rules, but by principals and simple policies. Whenever a change is needed, we’ll make it. We even try to rescind policies as we mature.

  • Annual feedback moved to monthly
  • Implement regular code sprints – Hackathons and community contributions
  • Increased referral bonuses
  • More reimbursable professional development, certifications, and training options
  • Reimburse telecommunication expenses
  • Salary policy undergoes seven revisions to make it right for team members
  • Simplified leave – 52 weekends and 35 days per year of consolidated leave plus bereavement, maternity, paternity, and sabbatical allowances
  • 2015 retreat to be in Goa, on the beach

Unchanged Organization Benefits

Mohit and Hussain coding on a train

Mohit and Hussain coding on a train

Despite these changes, some critical things remain the same.

  • Extremely flexible work hours
  • Regular get-togethers – Annual retreats, quarterly town halls, and monthly celebrations
  • Sponsored domestic and international event attendance
  • Still no smoking in the office, unless you’re burning down the Friday office
  • Wear clothes for video conferences
  • Work from anywhere

Tools Used

2014 Axelerant Slack Stats

We love to use Slack. A lot!

As Axelerant is a distributed organization, we require excellent tools to support our growth and collaboration. 2014 saw a few changes, yet mostly keeping of the old.

  • Curamine on top of Redmine for agile project management
  • Drupal & WordPress, content management
  • Google forms, to feed many of our processes
  • Slack for text conversations flowing continuously throughout the day
  • The Resumator applicant tracking system for recruitment
  • TribeHR human resources management has leaves, kudos, and personal data available online.
  • Xero for accounting

In Closing

While 2014 in review has been a fantastic year, 2015 is expected to be bigger and better. We’re looking forward to sharing it with everyone. Have a great 2015!

If you think Axelerant is the best place for your career, join us.

  • What an amazing 2014!!
    Looking at how Axelerant is growing and happiness quotient of its employees increasing day by day, 2015 will be far far ahead of past years.