After many attempts, we finally have a community for developers in Kashmir. Kashmir is still under a rock when it comes to contributing to the web or embracing it’s openness, and we are here to counter that.


A couple of months back I wouldn’t have imagined seeing a web developer in Kashmir and last Saturday I was sitting with eleven of them. I got excited when Aliya told me that we might be having a meetup on the weekend, and we did, the first Open Source Srinagar meetup. We were joined by people from three companies and a freelancer. I had a wonderful time — meeting fellow developers, great discussions and a good food.

Open Source Srinagar is a collective. A group of passionate web designers and developers, aiming to spread awareness in the society. Open Source Srinagar is an initiative by three companies: Axelerant, Applied Informatics, iKarft, who are working from Kashmir. We invite people who are interested and willing to contribute to the society. We plan to share our experiences to let interested people have a better understanding of how computers & the web works and more importantly how our work helps in shaping it. How Open Source software and libraries provide the flexibility that we can’t imagine in a closed environment.

So, what exactly happened at the meetup? Well, we all got together at the Peerzoo Island to talk about Open Source, how it is a part of our workflow. Shared our plans, how we will work towards engaging a larger audience and get them involved.

For the next meetup, we have planned a hackathon where a pair of a developer and a designer will work out an app, plugin, website or an animated gif; anything that involves code.

You can approach us using our Facebook page till we set up a proper website and a mailing address. We look forward to a larger turnout this time.

“To be able to choose between proprietary software packages is to be able to choose your master. Freedom means not having a master. And in the area of computing, freedom means not using proprietary software.”

-Richard M. Stallman