Drupal.org is 1 million users strong and growing every day. Drupal being open source, has such a large user group and even more people using the technology, it needs more people contributing to make it an even better experience for all the users. Drupal community events are all about that, be it comprehensive DrupalCons organized by the Drupal Association, to topical on-line IRC meetings, to Drupal Group meetings or local DrupalCamps. The ultimate goal with any Drupal event is to get people to collaborate and contribute.

Following are the things achieved at these community events:

  • Training new talent. Training is a significant part of most of the events; these attract people who seek learning opportunities and provide the best environment to do so with so much talent around them.
  • Collaborative development. Code Sprints are where people are encouraged just to code and make working software that is useful to the community. These are the best place to find hard working and enthusiastic people.
  • Meet like minded people. The whole event is a chance to meet people who think what you’re thinking and have similar interests in technology that you’re invested in.
  • Get up to speed with latest happenings. Everyone has news; people at these events will have relevant news and would be willing to discuss them at length with you. Keynotes are where a lot of crucial information is shared and is guaranteed to help you.
  • Talent would be everywhere. If you’re looking to hire or get hired in the Drupal circle, these events are where you have the opportunity to see what the companies are all about and scout for the needed talent.
  • Make new friends. Community events are also a place to have fun, relax & make new friends. There are a lot of after event parties and other activities to raise your spirits, make friends and have fun.

Drupal has had 2882 events in last year, 117 camps this year, 35 event signups last week, 83 events coming up next month, are you geared up to attend one of these awesome events near you? Check the Drupal events page for more details on Drupal events around the globe.