I lost an opportunity to attend DrupalCamp Mumbai this year because of previous engagements, but I made sure not to miss Jeffery’s Keynote at the Camp about ‘Connecting Open Minds’ via their live stream. My top 9 takeaways from his talk were:

1. About attendees:-

  • Most of the People had come for the first time to Drupal camp.
  • About half of the people among audiences knew “What Open Source Is?”
  • About 80% of people built websites for clients.
  • About 70% built websites and digital experiences for the companies they work for.
  • Around 15% work on Drupal in their businesses for developing products internally.
  • About 50% make their living (pay rent ) using Open Source software.

2. Drupal Evolution:-

Jam started with background History of Drupal. How it was started by Dries by building a bulletin board and made it Open Source for people. How the attitude of Microsoft has changed from 2001 & How Drupal runs seamlessly on Microsoft Infrastructure. How as a Drupal Service Provider, we can help first types of clients. Drupal’s journey from building Campaign, meetup to Music industry websites.

How NGO’s like Amnesty International are taking benefit of Drupal and how Acquia was founded as a Commercial ecosystem around Drupal. How Whitehouse.gov made the impact on people. How Drupal 8 will help the community.

3. Connecting Open Minds:-

“Its a great statement about what we do with Drupal and what we do with open source ”

Since 2001, Drupal has been at the forefront of connecting people: From joining with a few friends in an Antwerp dorm room to connecting customer- and other communities through amazing, integrated “Digital Experiences” for the largest brands around the world today.

4. Connecting Cool Kids moment:-

When MTV Music made the choice for Drupal as their technology platform, dozens of modules were written, and lots of service integration were done to make this dream successful. Open-sourcing these modules for reuse helped both the community and business growth.

5. Open Source = Freedom:-

We can Use Open Source For anything,From Anywhere and For Forever. There are no limitations on usage.

We can Study it, understand the code in a better way. We can modify it, make it better and reusable. We can resell it, or it give it back to the community.

6. Open Source Delivers Innovation:-

Users have a much more accurate and detailed model of their needs than manufacturers have…. (Eric-von Hipple from book Democratizing Innovation)

Open source lets you take something and leverage or modify it for next level usage. There is Continuous Innovation involved.

In the world of computer software, open source communities develop and improve ideas organically, based on concepts and practices that work. Driven by innovation contributed by individuals, open source simply means that a system is available to any who wish to contribute. It provides the fastest possible rate of improvement for ideas.” One Way Forward: The Outsider’s Guide to Fixing the Republic. – Lawrence Lessig, 2012

7. Open Source helps in Cost Saving:-

Open source comes with “zero “ price tag. Companies who are developing their business on Open Source, don’t have to worry for licensing fee, rather they can invest their profit in building better team. They can also modify code free of cost and sell it or open source it for betterment of community. Open source helps companies create better brand, design and give better support. We can say Open Source is Better but Not cheaper.

8. Open Source helps in Efficiency and Productivity:-

Millions of developers are constantly involved in developing, maintaining Open source code for example in our own Drupal community. This helps in secure, robust code. Lot of time is saved by digging around things. We have a big community of developers in Drupal ecosystem to help us so our efficiency and productivity increase.

9. Open Source delivers Risk Mitigation:-

Open source world has very less risk as compared to proprietary software world. Say for example we are using Drupal in our business, we don’t have to worry about upgrades of the core or contributed modules because we are getting those for free while as in latter there is always risk involvement, maybe the vendor can shut down their product.