Typically when open source photography is mentioned, it’s the software side that’s thought of. However, that’s not my concern. It’s the people behind the software that I like to connect with.

Through Axelerant’s support and my nomadic travels, I’m enabled to touch base with free and open source software community enthusiasts around the world.

This past year, as found that I don’t code as much anymore, I wanted to find a new way to contribute back to the open-source community. I’ve found it through open source photography.

A couple weeks back, I met up with the Laravel Montreal Meetup group to formally shoot three sets; candid, pair programming, and a group shot.

To prepare for this shoot and those to come, I’ve been studying photography exposure and composition more formally. Further, I’ve been fine tuning my camera, lens, and lighting accessory selection.

It’s amazing how many photographic equipment options there are. However, as I’ve quickly learned if you don’t plan and practice, shoots don’t go the way you want. Still, for my first formal open source photography shoot, the results were well worth the effort.

Thank you Laravel Montreal for letting me help you shine a little brighter these days. You’re doing great work in the Laravel PHP Framework community.

Photos by me, comprock, under the Attribution-ShareAlike license.