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When dealing with enterprise and government websites with lots of backend users, backend usergroups, db and file mounts, and workspaces you’ll find that the default maximum of 10 relations quite restrictive. By adding the following PHP code to a custom extension ext_tables.php file, you can increase the workspace record relation fields maximum to an arbitrary large number.

// increase number of workspace related backend users and backend usergroups
$TCA['sys_workspace']['columns']['adminusers']['config']['maxitems'] = 99;
$TCA['sys_workspace']['columns']['members']['config']['maxitems'] = 99;
$TCA['sys_workspace']['columns']['reviewers']['config']['maxitems'] = 99;</pre>



// increase number of workspace related db and file mount points
$TCA['sys_workspace']['columns']['db_mountpoints']['config']['maxitems'] = 99;
$TCA['sys_workspace']['columns']['file_mountpoints']['config']['maxitems'] = 99;


Check out the extension cbstarter for more ideas on quickly reconfiguring TYPO3 defaults.

Originally posted April 14, 2009

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  • Dimitry, thanks for the note. I hadn’t looked into the database on that part yet. For some of our projects, we’ll probably change that varchar to a medium text.

    I’ve changed the samples to a more reasonable setting, to try and prevent some folks going huh.