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I’m very proud of the TYPO3 community in Cambodia, they’ve stepped up and are holding the first TYPO3 conference in Asia, August 17-19. Specifically, Phnom Penh.

I’ve been to a few spots in South East Asia before, but this will be my first time in Cambodia. I’m very excited to be going and would love to see other non-Asian resident attendees. Besides trying to speak for a presentation or two for myself and in2code; I’m looking forward to participating in the developer knowledge transfer, August 20-22.

My Flights Booked, August 15-27 :)

For other European based folks, Thai Airways has a great promotion price of about 800€. However, there’s not many spots left. Alternately, go for a layover in Doha with Qatar Airways and then transfer to Phnom Penh through Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur via AirAsia. These flights are booked separately, but comparably priced.

More at news.typo3.org: First TYPO3 Conference in Asia.

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  • Carolyn

    Little did we know when we bought you that little computer in middle school how far you would go with computers and would travel around the world due to them. Proud of you and your accomplishments. You did it on your own.

    • Thank you mom for all of the encouragement and support you’ve given throughout my life, even when you were doubtful. I’m living the life I can imagine, than dread.

  • Regarding my schedule, I’m flying in on Thursday August 16th and leaving Monday the 27th. I’m up for wondering around the countryside starting the 21st or 22nd.