The U.S. edition of DrupalCon this year is being held in Austin, Texas and it is going to be different in a lot of ways. It has a lot to do with the location. We’ve heard a lot of things (well… read more than heard) about Austin, and Texas in general. This is our perspective on how DrupalCon Austin will be like.

1. Everything will be bigger

1 big

Everything will be bigger and in some way covered with some leather. The DrupalCon Austin Venue, for instance, The Austin Convention Center is 881,400 gross square feet and includes SIX city blocks!! To put this in perspective, DrupalCon Prague’s venue was ‘just’ 10,796 Sqft in the exhibition area.

2. Everyone is in Tech

2 tech

Austin has a booming tech community. Businesses like Dell, IBM, Apple, Google are in Austin. The city was recently named one of the ten best for tech start-ups in the U.S. Anyone still wondering why DrupalCon is coming to Austin?

3. It might be the Hottest DrupalCon location yet

3 hot

You might have heard Austin is hot. Add 10 degrees (Celcius) and throw in a liberal dollop of humidity onto your idea of this, and you’ll understand what the weather’s like in Austin. In October! This is going to be one sizzling June baby!

4. You’ll meet a lot of Drupalers who are musicians

4 musician

There have been so many musicians from Austin; it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll run into one at DrupalCon. Oh, and they probably are working with Drupal too, not just singing songs about it. Four thousand plus Drupalers in Austin? You do the math.

5. It’s not going to be the stereotypical Texas as you’d (I’d) imagine

5 not texas

No, people would not be chewing tobacco, nor will there be any gun fights on the streets. Nor are people still riding on horses down the road. And, no, the hotel you’ll be staying at will not be part of a ranch, or have a saloon attached to it. Austin is one of the most advanced cities in Texas and very unlike the typical Texas you (I) have seen in movies. And, yes, I still imagine my Texas from the 1860s. So there. :P Pfft.

All this goes to show that whatever you’ve thought of DrupalCon Austin, that stereotypical Texas (I imagine) from the movies, it’s going to be nothing like it.

Hope you have fun at DrupalCon Austin and make sure you get the best out of it, here’s a link to all the attractions in and around Austin you can go to when there.

Would you like to share some of your stereotypes, that we can thwart? Please do share!

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