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Through Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium, you can easily add text, checkbox, color, date, radio, single and multiple select, and textarea inputs fields to edit post meta within the bulk edit and quick edit screens for custom post types, pages, and posts. Further, you can enable editing of category and tag taxonomies that don’t normally appear.

Next, taxonomy, checkbox, radio, and select fields have the option to be reset, as in remove current options during bulk editing. This is very helpful when you want to mass reset or remove information.

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium automatically detects custom fields that use the manage_{$post_type}_posts_columns filter to display additional columns on the edit screen. Therefore, unless it’s already configured, your theme’s functions.php file will have to be modified to add custom field columns. SeeUsage below for implementation details.

Video Introduction

General Information

Read Usage and Frequently Asked Questions below to get started.

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Add Ons

  • Edit Flow – Date (Premium required), number, and user types
  • WordPress SEO – Modify WordPress SEO options via bulk and quick edit panels

Loads of Benefits and Features

  • Free, comprehensive support
  • Adds float, integer, and user inputs
  • API of actions and filters
  • Auto-suggest for bulk and quick edit taxonomy entries
  • Bulk edit post dates
  • Color input with color picker
  • Date and time inputs with datetime picker
  • Disable donate references
  • Easily remove or replace category and taxonomy relations
  • Edit excerpts, post parents, and titles
  • Flexible API
  • Multiple select selector
  • Performance minded – Plugin automatically only loads when needed
  • Prevents editing of common and static fields like cb, id, author, etc.
  • Remove specific category and tag entries
  • Sample configurations provided as needed
  • Save post handler can be customized for your needs.
  • Setting options export/import
  • Settings screen
  • Supports WordPress’s own taxonomy handlers for category and tag relations
  • Unset checkbox, radio, and select values during bulk edit
  • View category and tag relations on edit screen columns
  • Works with Custom Post Types
  • Works with posts and pages
  • Works with bbPress to bulk move topics between forums
  • Works with Edit Flow‘s checkbox, location, paragraph, and text types
  • Works with WooCommerce 2.1.0+ custom attributes and product types

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium Doesn’t Work For You?

No problem, it has a 30-day, money back guarantee. Also, you can keep the software, sans support and updates.



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Join the discussion 18 Comments

  • Rob Butz says:

    Hey Airhus,

    Is it possible that the premium version of the plugin can work like a categories migrator? The out-of-the-box WordPress Bulk Editor only allows you to *add* taxonomy terms for your selection of custom post types… not remove them. This is becoming a big pain for a client.

    Even if you had to do it in two steps it (add new category, then remove previous category), it would be great.

    If not, any chance of a modification coming up soon to do that? :)



  • Dan says:

    I’m also looking for the mentioned feature to use with WooCommerce products. I’m seeing discussions at about this and the function might be implemented in the WP core soon, as many people have expressed a need for it. So let’s see what happens. If this paid plugin adds the functionality before it becomes core functionality, I’ll probably buy it.


    • I’ve just released an update today that enables editing WooCommerce product types and custom attributes.

      • Dan says:

        Sounds great! Just wanna be sure that I understand this correctly. So for whatever WooCommerce products I filter out using built-in or enhanced filtering through another plugin such as Admin Columns Pro, your plugin will enable me to practically move all these products from one category to another (or several other)?

  • Hi Michael,
    I have a question about using your plug in. First off I’m happy to purchase the premium version if it will work for what i want to achieve.

    I’m using Ontraport and their pilot press plugin which allows you to protect content by using a checkbox that shows up on a page or post when you go to the individual page or post edit view.

    In the panel where you can do bulk and quick edits the functionality to check the boxes is not present for the pilot press feature. What is present however is a status that shows you what membership level is currently selected so there is a column for the pilot press plugin, It’s just not editable.

    Because of this, I’m not sure how to configure your plug in or if it would work at all. Not sure if this is a custom post type already.

    Please let me know if you need any additional info to help troubleshoot. Happy to send screen shots or anything else you need.


    Mike Deiure

  • JBW says:

    How long is the single site license good for?

  • Jordan Matejicek says:

    Hi there,

    Trying to use your plugin to edit a custom field in Woocommerce use.
    We’re using this plugin “” to add custom price for different user roles (each user role has it’s own product pricing).
    This plugin simply add a custom field (named : festiUserRolePrices[professionels] for example). Any way to add them to custom bulk edit ?


  • alessio baccarini says:

    I have purchased CB/QE premium hours ago, still waiting for the download lonk. please note that it is urgent… paypal transaction code 5ES23962X9863973L

    • Alessio, I’m sorry about the trouble. I’ve resent the purchase receipt to your email address. Did you check in the spam folder by chance for it? The download link is contained therein.

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