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TYPO3’s default Workspace status change notification emails give the basics of what’s needed. unfortunately, they’re not exactly the prettiest messages around. However, as with most things TYPO3 related, you have some control over the output.

While you do have control over the output, you don’t have control over adding or moving data variables around. Those variables are the “%s” string bits below.

To change your TYPO3 Workspace notification message, add the following code to your website’s root page TSConfig. Afterwards, edit the text as you need. What’s given below is the default, so you have a little restoration reminder.

Be sure to write your new text, keeping in mind that you can’t change what replacement text is coming from the “%s” variable strings. There’s 1 in the subject and 11 in the body.

notificationEmail_subject = TYPO3 Workspace Note: Stage Change for %s
notificationEmail_body (
At the TYPO3 site '%s' (%s)
in workspace '%s' (#%s)
the stage has changed for the element(s) '%11$s' (%s) at location '%10$s' in the page tree:

==> %s

User Comment:

State was change by %s (username: %s)

See the attached graphic for a real sample of the TYPO3 workspace notification email. Notice that there’s a few spots of information coming through.

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