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It’s Friday in Bologna Italy. What brought me here you ask?

T3Camp Italia

TYPO3 is a global community that I am proud member of. Though my Italian language skills aren’t as strong as I’d like, they’re enough to break the ice and have a general clue about the 10 presentations today.

If you’re free Saturday, understand Italian and are close to Bologna, then come join us here. We’d love to see you.

Read more on T3Camp Italia. We’re at the Zanhotel Europa Bologna.

Still stuck? Write us.

  • ben van ‘t ende

    hey michael, that is really a surprise you are there. gRTz to David and Roberto

  • mario


    thanks for a nice evening chat. Hope you enjoy the italian dinner and felt welcome.
    If you happen to post something on Typo3 API, please let me know.
    See you