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Team member benefits are…

always evolving to fit your needs. Let #hr know what’s needed next.

Certification & Continuing Education

Successful completion of certification or continuing education and their related expenses are 100% reimbursable given that the certification or continuing education benefits Axelerant.

Perks of Working at Axelerant

  • 52 weekends and 35 days per year of consolidated leave plus bereavement, maternity, paternity, and sabbatical allowances.
  • Annual retreats, quarterly town halls, and monthly celebrations.
  • Group health insurance.
  • An engaged working environment with frequent feedback and clearly set expectations.
  • Extremely flexible work hours.
  • Hackathons and community contributions.
  • Professional development, certifications, and training.
  • Referral bonuses.
  • Sponsored domestic and international event attendance.
  • Work from home or anywhere via location independence.
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