Welcome to Axelerant

Every day we are touching the sky a bit more in our vision of making happiness possible. We’ve come to realize that doing okay is not good enough. You’ve got to have inspiration or purpose behind what you, else you are only a drone.

We are reaching out to have greater meaning in our lives through our work. For us, it is not just another day at the office. It is another day to be passionate about giving of ourselves and sharing freely so that our efforts in words and deeds drive positive impact.

Now, instead of being driven by external demands, we are now selective in what we do and how we do it.

It is Happening

Our location independent team members have a say in what policies get put in place and how they define their roles. We’ve made continuous feedback and constant improvement real. Ultimately, we are creating frameworks that allow ideas a chance at success.

There’s a Downside

What we’ve become has made recruiting difficult. Even with over 3,000 applicants, barely 1% fits our culture. We’ve learned that change has to be priority driven, especially when there’re a dozen things to be done. You have to stop and focus on the most important with an eye towards the future and backlog all else. Lastly, well-intended policies do not always turn out the way you expected, and we must immediately change them.

Through all the ups and downs at Axelerant, we are loving what we do and want to inspire you to follow your grand vision as well. If you are interested, come work with us.