Axelerant’s internal hackathon is a monthly event where employees participate in teams of two or more to brainstorm and engineer ideas for innovative products and enhancements over three days.

July’s hackathon was kicked off with two back-to-back public presentations by our own Drupal and DevOps experts, Hussain and Medhamsh.

Hussain Introduced everyone to theming changes & introduction of Twig in Drupal 8, with his presentation – ‘Drupal 8 Theming and Twig’.

Afterwards, Medhamsh presented ‘Run seamless containers over a cluster with’ introducing LXCs (LinuX Containers) which he developed with help from a lot of community members. As soon as these were over, everyone plunged into their hacks.

There were twenty participants, in six teams, as part of July’s hackathon. While mentoring or advising across products was allowed, actual work was limited to a single product. This helped teams get more real work completed during the hackathon.

Each team worked on a very different product, trying to build solutions to various problems. One team worked on the better engagement of families whereas another worked on how to send better rewards among team members. Each team’s primary goal was to find a solution for a problem they face, or a tool to make lives better in general.

The teams and their objectives were:

Team Name:

Objective: Build a tool for different family structures, improving engagement.

Why?: We can make a big difference and help create engaged families.

Team Name: Kudosrewards

Objective: Organizational Gift Registry

Why?: It’s an awesome way to show that everybody in the team knows and cares.

Team Name: Mann ka Radio

Objective: Company-wide Radio channel for sharing music and swinging to the same tracks even when separated by distance :D

Why?: This would help start fun conversations and share music across the organization without being intrusive.

Team Name: Checkers

Objective: Organisational compliance tracker

Why?: Help ensure that everyday tasks are done when they’re needed

Team Name: Dru-Mate

Objective: Presentation of Automatic deployment procedure

Why?: Help comprehends the method of automatic deployment

Team Name: TeamOpen

Objective: Brand an online store and redesign the Website themed on openness.

Why?: No store currently offers designs based on new age office cultures.

All are Winners…

Every team worked to achieve a minimum viable product. In the process of reaching their hack targets people collaborated with newer technology such as Drupal 8, Icecast Streaming servers, various integrations & APIs they had never worked with before.

Teams demonstrated their products to remote team members over Hangouts on Air, shared what they had achieved, and their ultimate vision for the product, as they continue to work on it.

Axelerant team members voted, and suggested features and improvements they’d like to see, which teams can consider for future hackathons.

…Only One Champion

Team KudosRewards took first place with a well-executed, simple and well thought out idea, built on Drupal 8. KudosRewards is also being considered for public beta release in late-2014.