Axelerant Internal Hackathon happens once in two months, and this was the second such occasion. It is an opportunity for team members to cross the internal team borders, collaborate and work on something new, something different. This hackathon saw a participation of 11 teams out of which eight teams reached their hack goals. Some of the hacks this month were targeted to improving communication within Axelerant, one team wanted to add to the community by working on a discussion forum for open source enthusiasts, some were busy with Drupal minority engagement plans.

While some failed to reach their hack targets due to their new-born or bad health, everyone showed a lot of dedication working over the weekend! Someone (who shall not be named :D) survived the chilly nights in Gurgaon on just chips and biscuits!

feet up on computer desk

Kicking back to code hard

We are now evaluating the teams’ accomplishments and will decide on the top hack soon. Stay tuned for updates on the top hack!