Finally Projspace – v.0.1 is released and being used internally at Axelerant for some projects.  Without promising much, it can now do the following.

  • Create dev/test/prod environments in the web server via Projspace’s UI.
  • Create git repository and link it up with the web server to fetch any branch/tag to any environment (dev/test/prod)
  • Deploy database and files across instances
  • Provide hooks for the users, to run any post deploy operations.
  • Get the commit logs of the repository.
  • Enable and disable a site (vhost).
  • Generate a htpasswd file and use it in .htaccess.

However, we are reviewing things and are rolling out a much more robust release, which will have simpler to-dos for the users. As we switched the development model to follow Semi-Agile delivery, we will have a more holistic picture of the roadmap and timelines.The next release would roll out features like vhost level htpasswd protection, have logs and backup options. Though the first version is considered a minor release the next one would take this a step ahead, and we will have a release candidate with bigger features.

This article was originally published July 31, 2013. It has been updated since then for clarity.