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Axelerant Bulletin – July 2015

Heroes of the Month

The honorees of this program are team members who went above and beyond job expectations or have acquired distinctive achievements impacting Axelerant, its peers, or clients. This month’s honorees are:

Axelerant hero profiles

Recognition for achievements

Axelerant Achievements

  • 90.45% engagement rating
  • 92.77% morale ranking

Team Member Engagement and Morale survey results are in. We’re rocking along with our highest numbers ever since we’ve started tracking them. Everyone at Axelerant deserves a big clap for giving as you have. We’re a success because of you.

Axelerant Team Member Achievements

We congratulate these team members and wish these achievements will inspire you and your fellow teammates to make even more happen.


To find more contributions made this month, please check the Community Contributions Tracker.

Current Job Openings

We’re always hiring at Axelerant and this month, in particular; we’re looking for production staff to create another team.

Latest Axelerant career openings


Promote Happiness by recommending people that’ll fit into Axelerant and Get 10,000 INR! Any questions, read Refer a Friend.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

  • Parth Gohil: Birthday on July 28th
  • Medhamsh Vuthpala: 3 year Employment Anniversary on August 1st
  • Shweta Sharma: 1 year Employment Anniversary on August 1st
  • Aliya Khan: 3 year Employment Anniversary on August 6th
  • Abhishek Dhariwal: Birthday on August 11th
  • Swaroop Kundeti: 1 year Employment Anniversary on August 11th
  • Prabhat Sinha: Birthday on August 13th
  • Rajeev Kumar: Birthday on August 20th

Don’t forget to celebrate these birthdays and anniversaries with cake and tea at your locale by the last working day of each month.

It's time to party



Policy Changes


  • If you’d like to contribute to the next newsletter, contact #hr
  • Take photographs and share the best on #general
  • Pot lunches and birthdays have a ₹ 500/person budget
  • Submit expense reimbursements via Xero
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