Axelerant had Its largest presence by numbers ever at a DrupalCon with teammates attending DrupalCon Los Angeles from 6 different cities. Three were DrupalCon veterans whereas it was the first time for the rest. Our objectives for the event were to meet new people, learn how others are handling their delivery practices. Further, we meet prospective clients, shared India’s contribution culture, and took learnings of how DrupalCon is done to contribute back to DrupalCon Asia efforts. Lastly and most importantly, we had fun!

Axelerant DrupalCon Los Angeles Attendees

Abhi (Atlanta, US), Ani (Mumbai, India), Ankur (Delhi, India), Hussain (Bangalore, India), Lakshmi (Chennai, India) & myself (Surat, India) were representing Axelerant at DrupalCon Los Angeles on different verticals.

Abhi & Ani focused on networking and business development side of things; they attended Business Summit, the Acquia Partner Day.

Early Morning Work at DrupalCon Los Angeles

Early Morning Work at DrupalCon Los Angeles

Lakshmi & Hussain focused on taking back valuable engineering practice learnings from the industry peers. Further, Hussain, one of very few from Drupal India community to speak at a DrupalCon, presented “How do we encourage repeat contributions to Drupal Core?

Lastly, I helped organize the DrupalCon Los Angeles’s Community Summit and networked with people from a community partnership perspective.

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We spoke about our culture, engineering & remote delivery practices with several and got an overwhelming number of kudos. It was great to see our efforts being noticed by others in the community.

On the business front, we won projects involving Headless implementation with React frontend, Drupal migrations, etc. More on that in our portfolio in next few months.

Hussain, Ani, I and others from the Drupal India community announced DrupalCon Asia 2016! That announcement was greeted by a loud cheer from the attendees.

Parth Announcing DrupalCon Asia 2016

Parth Announcing DrupalCon Asia 2016 – [This is a cropped version of “DrupalCon is coming to Mumbai!” by pdjohnson ( licensed under CC BY 2.0 Original Image @]

For any queries regarding DrupalCon Asia 2016 or any travel, coordination do reach out to me on Twitter @parth_gohil.

The Morning After

Axelerant Breakfast at DrupalCon Los Angeles

Axelerant Breakfast at DrupalCon Los Angeles

We all met over breakfast to share our experiences and learnings from the event. There was a consensus that this DrupalCon has been one of the most successful ones to date as we were lot mature, confident and added value to the eco-system. We have brought back great memories and look forward to being part of future events.

How did DrupalCon Los Angeles do?

DrupalCon Los Angeles (DrupalCon North America) saw an attendance of 3,186 people from 58 countries over five days, of which 20% were women attendees and attendees by location were as follows:

  • Over 2500 attendees: USA
  • Over 100 attendees: Canada
  • 20-40 attendees: United Kingdom
, India
  • 10-20 attendees: India, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Ukraine, Belgium
  • 5-10 attendees: Colombia, Japan, Spain, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Switzerland
  • Under 5 attendees: Argentina, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Mexico, Russia, Hungary, Italy, Jamaica, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, Georgia, Israel, Lebanon, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Romania, Serbia, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Chile, Greece, Hong Kong S.A.R., Ireland, Kenya, Malta, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Vanuatu
DrupalCon Los Angeles Group Photo

DrupalCon Los Angeles Group Photo [This is a cropped version of “DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015 Group Picture” by Amazee Labs ( licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Original Image @]

Drupalers contributed 84 Commits to Drupal core during the conference and resolved four critical release blockers for Drupal 8 reducing it down to 24.

DrupalCon Los Angeles Code Sprint [Image: Michael Schmid ‏@Schnitzel]

DrupalCon Los Angeles Code Sprint [Image: Michael Schmid ‏@Schnitzel – Original image @]

DrupalCon Los Angeles locked in 127 sponsorships this year as opposed to 147 in Austin last year.

Overall DrupalCon Los Angeles was a great experience every Drupaler should experience. We at Axelerant encourage our team members to travel & support all community events local or international. Read more about Axelerant in our culture blog section or reach out to me on Twitter @parth_gohil.

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